proof of occupancy email address error


Hey there, 

I have received a lots of calls from your optus case amanager about swtching my NBN to the $80 per month one. And i thought it's activated after changing it to the new modem. So I asked them to go ahead and change it becz my internet  speed at home is still very slow. I dont mind about the additional charges. And they texted me and ask for proof of occupancy with an email address provided. But that email got bounce back when i tried to send it. Do you guys have any other email that i can send that to ? And can you pls switch the speed to the $80 plan that i purchased last month ? 




Re: proof of occupancy email address error




I've sent you a private message. Feel free to chat with us there. 
We'll process the change from our end Smiley Happy 


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