Re: pathetic slow nbn download speed


Man this sucks for all you you and i feel your pain.  


Ive been down this road and even went as far as contacting Nick Xenephon about it.   I contacted ACCC for poor business practices,   The TIO for poor service provision and several other entities because i could.   Some of the things I learnt along the way were pretty distressing.  for EG.


1.   No ISP in Australia under law is required to provide you with the speed you payfor.   Infact they only have to provide you a service if you engage them as a provider.  It does not matter if its not as described.

2.  Most problems you recieve speed wise are because of CVC bandwith which is purchased by OPTUS from NBN.   This is a gateway where bandwidth is applied by NBNco.   (You might have a 100Mb down speed but optus does not purchase that much for you.  My guestimation is that they purchase 100mb for 100 customers).   This bandwidth is expensive but under Australian law no ISP are required to supply that 100mb to you even if you pay for it.

3.  You waste your time ringing the Optus Helpdesk as the script jockeys will just run you around in circles re-inventing the wheel every time you call.   they will have you check your equipment, check your cabling, blame NBN and then finally tell you that an upgrade is occuring in your area and they dont know when it will finish.  

My advice is to give your details to the admins here on this forum,  they will make all the checks necessary and confirm cvc congestion.     Dont call the retention team until you have raised the issue with the TIO first at or you wont be looked after as well as you would with a tio complaint.  


I have a thread called Everyone with Slow NBN Read this before moving forward have a read

Re: pathetic slow nbn download speed


Yep, I'll join the crowd on this one.




Beat that.


Lodged a complaint with the TIO, Optus fixed the problem so I cancelled the complaint. Less than two weeks later - back to the norm.


Disgusting effort from Optus.

Re: pathetic slow nbn download speed


We are investing heavily in improving the network across the country but it's not something we can put a time frame on at the moment. If those are the speeds you're getting @Punkin it could be a number of things -- peak time slows, line fault, individual networking issues. If speeds ever drop to that level, your first port of call should be the Service Status page, just to ensure it's not a known fault or planned works in the area. Beyond that, some simple troubleshooting often resolves the issue, and if it continues then you'll need to raise a ticket on 131344. I understand you've already gone through the processes and you're back where you started, but there are many variables that can contribute to those sort of speeds, and we need as much information as possible to eliminate potential causes before we can investigate the connection itself.

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Re: pathetic slow nbn download speed


First post here on the crowd. Not for a good reason either unfortunately.


Let me first off start by saying up until now I had nothing but good words for my speeds achieved with Optus NBN, that unfortunately has now gone to hell.


Up until Monday morning this week at almost bang on 10 am, I've been receiving less than 10Mbps downstream (some as low as 3Mbps) on speedtests. Up until this week I was steadily receiving 30-40Mbps downstream (I check daily as I am a video game streamer).


Since the problem first arose I have been on the phone and using Live Chat to speak to customer service, tech support and fixed technical team. I received the usual steps which all have been tried. First was the restart your modem, factory reset, plug ethernet in, try alternate cable from wall to modem, restart pc, flush cache. I did all of those things, 3 different tech team members informed that there was congestion (the first told me that there was NOT a high level of congestion and that he was creating a ticket), the second and third both told me no such ticket was created and that was likely due to the congestion being at a steady 90-95% (meaning the first tech member outright lied to me) however they also told me that optus technicians were supposedly undertaking upgrades to the area (4570) but also told me that there is no timeline on these upgrades (there is nowhere as the end user that even shows that they are doing anything).


I am paying for max speed boost pack as up until this week I was quite happy with the speeds I was receiving and decided to continue along with it. However now that I am getting less than 3Mbps most of the time I am seriously thinking it may be time to move to a new provider, may be I can find one servicing my area who actually gives a damn about their customers and can give actual information about what they are doing to fix the problem.


I've lodged a complaint to the TIO, spoken to a few of the guys at my work who are having the same or similar problems with Optus NBN and we are telling people to stay away from Optus until such time comes that they are actually doing what you pay for.




Re: pathetic slow nbn download speed


pathetic nbn via node connection, have never had anywhere near speed I am paying for.

adsl was cheaper and better than optus nbn, have friends in same area and other areas on telstra nbn and revieving 100% better service I think I will be joining them soon.

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