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optus nbn service


I transferred to otus nbn in june 2018 and have found it to be a slow unreliable service that crashes nearly daily. I am paying for a 50 mbps service . what a joke that is. Optus is selling somethng it does not provide!

I have recorded 22 chats with optus, replaced my modem ,rewired my house , removed my landline ( which i still pay optus for),spent hours and hours going through the same routine with optus chat staff ,been told y Optus commercial people i do not have a problem or that its fixed,waiting for tech support to turn up at my house and been bombarded with quetionaires from NBN asking if I would recomend the service.

I thought I was unique but my story is common.


Does anyone have any suggestion about how i can get a reliable service or get ptus of its arse to provide the service i am pauing for?

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Re: optus nbn service

I take it you are FTTN?


Optus should (actually must) provide a top speed likely figure for your line. If this is over 50 Mbps then they do need to be providing it. What general speeds are you getting? 


If under 50Mbps then that's the top speeds you can expect regardless of what you're paying. Optus would usually drop you down to 25Mbps unless you were explicetly happy to stay on the 50Mbps band.


Peter Gillespie

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