no modem since start up been 2 monthes


hi my name is jay 


i dont really know how to go about this but i started up with NBN 2 monthes ago nearly 3 monthes now and i still havent recived my optus modem at all but yet they still expect me to pay my bills i had to go buy a modem in witch they did cover me for but i have been on live chat with them every 5 days since i started with them i have been told a number of times that the modem is on its way and it will arrive in 5 days but 2-3 monthes seems a bit to much i have a little modem   that i bought that only lets me use 24mbs max when im payintg for a plan that im supposed to get 45mbs im extremly angry about all this i also have a screen shot of every single chat i have had incase i need it 


they even went as far as to tell me well maybe its my adress that toll will not dilever to but yet toll has made multiple drop offs for all sorts of things to my adress im just sick o0f the excuses 1 after another its a joke now 


all i would like is my modem so i can also use my internet to itys full not just get this half mbs 


is there anyone here that can help me with this please or know of anything i can do to solve this issue im having


kind reguards jay burridge


Re: no modem since start up been 2 monthes

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Hi Jay, It doesn't sound like a great experience. Obviously something is going wrong with the process but it doesn't sound like anyone is doing more than just try send out the modem again. Can you request to pick one up in store? Possibly get them to deliver it to a family member or in my case I usually get stuff delivered to my work.


Not to sure about the speed issue. This is usually set by Optus and it sounds like you are on speed pack 25Mbps instead of 50Mbps. The modem used shouldn't be a factor normally? What NBN Technology are you on? FTTN? HFC Cable?


Peter Gillespie

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