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New Contributor chunqiu
New Contributor

network so slow

Last night, again I couldn't use my home wifi because the speed it was on. Used the "Speedtest" App on my phone to check the internet speed, the reading is 1.75Mbps download and 3.04Mbps upload, this is standing next to the wifi modem at 11:28pm lat night.

Our internet was pretty good when first connected to NBN but in the last 2 months, it had a lot of drop outs and was very slow from time to time, we had to use phone data instead of home NBN wifi to browse internet.  

Had been on live chat with Optus multiple times, but the slow internet problem keeps coming back.  

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Honoured Contributor
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Re: network so slow

First thing you need to do is do a speed test using a wired connection. Wifi can have all sorts of issues.
Can you also confirm what NBN speed you are paying for? 25Mbps?
Also what NBN technology are you using? Cable, FTTN, FTTC, Fibre?
What are the max speeds you can get when you test when its running well?

FWIW The speeds you are getting indicate a system /setup fault. They are well below legally mandated minimum's and it should be straight forward to get them fixed once you can confirm roughly where the issue lies.

Peter Gillespie