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 Hi Guys, i have read about how to hook up a hard drive through your modem, but cant seem to get mine to to work, i have setup user name and home dir but i am unsure how to access it? i have try using my ip address ie: but that doesnt work. I am now using the optus modem SAGECOM, I was using my netgear where i put in my USB and it was done why should this be so hard, only went over to o[ptus modem because of NBN, All i want to be able to do is access my HD from any computer on network. Hope someone can help us with this.

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@Downunder  -Apologies for our very delayed response. Since posting, have you been able to have this enquiry resolved?

Re: network, Hard Drive, new modems to suit NBN with two phone lines.


well yes sort off i am ranning a ethernet cable threw my house from the optus modem to my old netgear modem. I have been looking for a new netgear modem that i can use my nbn on but its hard to find one that has two phone line ports, or try and figure out how to use what i have wirelessly so i dont have run cable threw my house, i have got them to work with ethernet but cant get them to talk vir wifi.


main modem is a Sagemcom fast3864

and old modem is a N600 WiFi DSL Modem Router (DGND3700v2)


Any help with this would great also

Re: network, Hard Drive, new modems to suit NBN with two phone lines.


Optus wont let you connect your VOIP phone lines to any other modem but the one they supply. 
So if you get a new router - you will still need to use the Sagecom for the phone line(s) and bridge the new router to it.

Re: network, Hard Drive, new modems to suit NBN with two phone lines.


Why is this?

And how do you bridge your modem and what does it do? 


I want to extend my wifi signal is the bridging?

Re: network, Hard Drive, new modems to suit NBN with two phone lines.


Hey @Downunder, you get extend your WiFi extender from retail stores and this might help. You can also try power line adaptors. Let us know if this helps.

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I have a USB memory stick plugged into my Sagemcom modem. Why? Well just to see what it can do really as I already have a large NAS device and so don't need the network storage.

The IP address of my sagemcom modem is (just coz that's what I want it to be - yours might be or

If I go into WINDOWS explorer and type in \\ it pops up and asks me to enter a username and password.

I have set up my own username and password already set up so I type these in and tick the box to remember me and now I can see the data on the memory stick with no problems (in windows explorer)

The username and password is NOT the same one I used to log onto the modem with (and shouldn't be).

I can now copy to/from the device with no problems. It's not terribly fast - but it's not a hard disk either.


How did I enable this?

Log into the Sagemcom modem
Click on ADVANCED settings
Click on USER ACCOUNTS (under Multimedia/Storage Service)
Click on ADD
Enter a Username
Enter a password (twice)

Now you should be able to browse to the device and use it as if it was plugged into your PC

I have a data folder on the drive ( eg \\\data ) and so I can browse to that, RIGHT click on it and choose MAP DRIVE LETTER and allocate a drive letter to the remote memory stick (eg ZSmiley Happy and now I can treat it as if it is a hard disk on my own PC (or more accurately - just like any iother mapped network drive).

For you to access it using \\\HDD you would have to have a HDD folder on the drive plugged into the modem.


Re: network, Hard Drive, new modems to suit NBN with two phone lines.


have tried them and dont work that well

Re: network Hard Drive


thank for your reply, but i did try this and nothing came up when try to direct myself to my HD i dont know why, all i got was a screen with something on there which i thought might be a file but didnt go anywhere. Anyway i have that side working again through old modem and works great. thanks again

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