Hi all, 

wondering if anyone else found a problem with dropouts on their nbn connection.


Since I was converted from Optus Cable broadband on 02/10/2018 to a new nbn FTTN connection, I have been getting constant dropouts which is a pain as I use a VPN connection to my work and must contstantly log back in after each disconnect.  I was told by the technician that installed my nbn that I am about 300 metres from the Node, so close enough really.    Some days are OK, but some days it may drop out several time over the day. The speed tests I have done seem good so no issues there.  These occur at different times so it does not appear to be load related.


I called Optus technical support on 06/12/2018 and they tested the connect, as I was not have dropouts at that time the results came back OK as I expected.


I believe the cause may be because of poor connections in the old twin copper phone wire connections between my home and the Node.  If this is the case how do you proove it and how would it be fixed?


Be interested if anyone else experienced this problem and if they were able to fix it.


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You didn't mention if you were testing a wired or WiFi connection. Could you clarify? If testing over WiFi, not to jump to conclusions but the Optus supplied modems are notorious for having bad WiFi connections while the wired connections don't seem to have many problems. 


Chances are the modem is in an annoying position to physically plug into but I would definitely try that.


If you have ruled that out, Optus tech support should have the logs of your drop outs via the modem. That's your proof which should prompt them to send a tech out to investigate further. Note though, if the tech deems the issue to be with the wiring in your home, you may be charged a fee as that's your responsibility, not Optus' (or any other telco). 

I do not represent Optus. The views, opinions and advice expressed in my posts are my own

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Hi SamSam, thanks for your reply,

I use a 5 metre long ethernet cable (wired) connection from nbn modem to my PC.

Good to know there are modem logs available.

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I had dropouts with ADSL and NBN with 2 providers. If you use Apple TV just reset it to defaults and the problem should go away for a while. It's probably similar with other devices. 

It's nothing to do with provider from my experience.


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Hi elsbrok,

thanks for your reply but this has nothing to do with Apple TV.  Your other suggestion to reset devices to their defaults would not seem a good suggestion (how would you think this would apply to a PC/Laptop/Mobile?).  It had been occuring across several PC's wired and un-wired and on Mobile phones.  Optus asked nbn to do 'something' and this has improved things considerably.  They did not specify what that 'something' was but at least I now have a workable connection with very little dropouts.


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