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nbn ready


I have received a letter from optus saying that my address can now connect to the nbn and as I have already told optus there isn't anything I need to do right now.


the letter goes on further to say that someone from optus will be in touch shortly to book an installation time


I receive almost daily, scam phone call from fraudsters saying my internet and phone is about to be disconnected unless I hand over some personal details, so a phone call from optus aint going to cut it as I wont be answering or responding as I dont really know who is on the other end.


so how is optus going to contact me to arrange installation? and what does installation involve?. plus I dont like the idea of taking a day off from work for this as I wont get paid

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Order it online, don't wait for Optus to contact you



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Re: nbn ready


well, thats not what I asked

its about how do they contact me to do the install

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Well you said you aren't interested in being contacted so as @Davelew  suggested the safest (proactive) approach is to contact Optus instead.


First up are you currently on Optus cable? If so your internet will be disconnected in 3 months or less. There's no penalties involved, it will simply be shut off. If you are on ADSL etc. then you have 18 months. After that it will also just be shut off..


So right now you have a whole new range of freedom. You can chose any plan from any ISP and get highspeed NBN broadband from all of them. Asking Optus to transition you to the NBN might be the simplest option but you can also select any other RSP on the market.


Essentially you are in the drivers seat.


Peter Gillespie

Re: nbn ready


as I said in my first post, I have already informed Optus that I want to be with Optus broadband so I dont think I have to approach Optus again.


as Optus want to book a time to arrange the installation, they have wrote to me that someone from Optus will be in touch with me shortly to arrange this


so as per my first question. how will Optus contact me? by phone? mobile? email? I/m hoping somone from Optus will read this and answer


on my land line a day does not pass when some fraudster is threatening to disconnect my internet and phone and as a result we rarely answer it if a number shows up that we do not recognise


second question. what does installation involve and how long? will it be necessary for me to take a day off work?


I have no clue if my current internet is cable or ADSL

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It depends on the NBN connection type.

Take a look at our Getting Started with Optus NBN page and click on the relevant links which provide information on how you will be contacted, installation, etc.

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Re: nbn ready


You can check your intended NBN internet connection type here

Note you have no choice in the connection technology - that is decided by NBNCo.

The process for connecting differs by type as Ray says. Its probable you'll need to take a half day off (or have a friend be there).


Its unclear how solid your request for NBN transfer is. Have you just told a caller you want to be contacted when the NBN arrives? Have you actually placed an order and gone through the verbal communications to sign you up to a new contract? I'm guessing the former and FWIW Optus isn't great at follow up contact when it comes to the NBN. At this stage I would suggest you just contact Optus sales, decide on a plan (Optus only has two really) and sign up. Moving to the NBN always requires a new contract first time and any existing contract will be shut down with no penalties. Doing this will also give youn official order number that you can use to track the installation etc.


Tell us what NBN tech you're getting to get some feed back on the install process.


Peter Gillespie

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