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im in plumpton vic and internet not working 

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Oh no! Sorry to hear this stavrou Smiley Sad I can't see any outstanding issues in the area. If your service is still not working, you can call tech support on 131344, via live chat here or PM through your service details, full name and DOB so we can take a look. 


Re: nbn outage


I hand an NBN outage for 2 weeks that is now fixed but I thought I ought to put our saga on record somewhere!  Three weeks ago our NBN simply failed.  On the mobile phone (because no landline once NBN fails)  Half an hour wait for a tech from Optus.  The tech checks everything he can and says it is an NBN problem so it has to be escalated.  Tells me NBN will contact me with an appointment.  24 hours later, no contact.  Call again.  This time only 5 minutes wait! NBN has booked to come in 4 days (they don't work weekends - why not? it is supposed to be an essential service).  Wait, wait.  Day arrives, rearrange work schedules to be home.  Even arrange for a house sitter for the 1 hour I had to be out. No tech. No call. nothing.  Call Optus at 5.30pm.  Wait half hour.  They don't know.  Finally get message of apology. Tech went home 'for personal reasons'.  OK, understand - yet why no call?  Appointment rescheduled for 2 days later.  Tech will call 30 minutes before.  More rearrange work schedules to be home.  5pm comes.  No tech, no call.  On phone waiting 30 mins for Optus when tech rolls up half hour late.  He apologises.  I ask "why no call?" He says he never calls ahead.  Didn't know we were being told he would!  This tech checks the connections and repairs one in the pit outside.  Changes modem.  Checks - takes an hour for him on the phone to NBN - it seems even their own people don't get priority!  No change.  Still flashing light on modem, not 'online'.  This tech says he can't do anything else, it needs a higher level tech.  He books one in for 6 days time (another weekend).  Waiting, Waiting.  The day before the higher level tech is supposed to come I'm working at my computer at 10.55am when all of a sudden beeps and messages indicate that things are happening - the NBN is back on line!  I call Optus.  Only 5 minute wait.  They don't know anything!  Have me on hold while they contact NBN.  NBN gives no reason.  It's fixed so tech visit is cancelled and all is good!  Until next time of course.  But no reason given, no explanation why it came back on with no intervention!  The one thing I hope is that is wasn't caused by heavy rain filling the pit on the street and then the equipment taking 2 weeks to dry out.  We've had lots of problems with our pit over the years.  The copper pair would crackle and ADSL would slow to a crawl.  So if it was water in the pit, then next time it rains heavily we will be in for another outage!  I would say through all of this, although the wait times are terrible at times, the Optus staff were courteous and efficient in their handling of the complaint.  Considering so much is out of their control, they couldn't have been better.  So this is not a gripe against Optus at all.  But it is obvious that the systems of the NBN are not efficient and they do not have encough people ready to maintain the network they are busily expanding.

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