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nbn internet keeps dropping out

Anybody here know if Telstra is any better than Optus?

Last time I called Optus it was a 53minute phone call, getting me to do this do that, switch on this switch off that and in the end they say "we'll send a technician out"  I can't go through all that **** again. so frustrated.


Thinking of switching over to Telstra but maybe they are just as bad?

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Re: nbn internet keeps dropping out

@frustratedinsyd One of the issues with the NBN is the providers are resellers and depending on where the fault is on the NBN side all resellers are at the mercy of the NBN. for NBN click on fixed outages and enter your postcode. you can also check for NBN outages and maintenance. 

I am an Optus user.
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Re: nbn internet keeps dropping out

One of the nice things about the NBN is you have lots of choice and its easy to switch quickly. IME lots of people also have issues with Telstra but they seem to be doing better these days. It is apparent that all staff have quick access to prior 'chats' so can catch up quickly (I do suggest you go chat rather than phone call if you can for this reason)

As tiger says, it is usually the case the support staff can just run you through the hoops. The Tech works for NBNCo and all they can do is schedule one.

If you are thinking of switching there are a couple of points:

1) You are paying off your Optus 4G modem (if you have one) its $250 on day one and $0 on day 1200. Prorata the costs in between as that's what you will owe.

2) Telstra have a similar modem purchase payoff plan (except its $200 over 700 days)

3) Both Optus and Telstra are month to month so no penalty cancelling a plan any time (except paying off the modem)

4) If you want good local service then I'd suggest Aussie Broadband. Big advantage is they are also month to month and you can bring your own (the Optus) modem. Perhaps they will be better at sorting your issue but they are definitely fairly switched on and IMO the biggest difference from the two big ones is the staff are allowed to take ownership of issues - i.e. they see solving the problem as the goal, not just stepping you through the hoops and handing you off never to speak to you again)

Good Luck.