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For 11 years I have had Optus ASDL at my home with no issues except that it seemed to be getting slower and slower.

Then last Friday, I changed to the NBN.  I was surprised at how easy it all was and the weekend was great.  So was Monday.  I work from home on Mondays and Fridays.

Last night (Tuesday) at around 6pm the whole lot just stopped working - INCLUDING my phone not using 4G and I haven't had ANY connectivity since.

Is this what I can expect from the NBN or is Optus at fault here?  It is almost impossible to get Optus on the line or in chat and now I have to do this from work, which is a big NO-NO around here.

What do I have to do to get some reliability??

Re: nbn and internet


Sounds like a major outage? Your phone has no relation to the NBN and if 4G was also out then it suggests something possibly wrong in the house rather than outside it. But yes Optus should be the contact point and be able to tell you they can see your modem or not from their end. They can organise the NBN to sort a fix as needed. 


Have you checked the Optus outage page?


As for ongoing reliability, its a massive rollout and its still on going. I expect it will settle down in a bit but any big change over can have teething problems. Once you're up and running, you can just wait and see I suppose.


Peter Gillespie

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