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internet outage

please can you advise me how to get my internet up and running again.  You have been doing work in my area recently and on Monday you txt me saying everything is back to  normal. It isnt I have no internet.  Why.  I have talked to someone in your tech dept. but keep getting know where.  Please call me to get this fixed.  I need it for work purposes, otherwise I will have no option but to cancel my account and go elsewhere.



Janet Armstrong

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Trusted Contributor

Re: internet outage

@JanetAnn  this is a public user forum not a direct Optus Support Point. What type of internet do you have?

Have you checked to see if there are any reported outages in your area?

Click on Outages then depending on the type of connection NBN, Cable, DSL Fixed Outages or Wireless Broadband Mobile Outages. Enter your details.

If you are connected to the NBN you can also check here

If it is an NBN outage depending on where the fault the is, Optus or any RSP has to wait for the NBN to repair the fault.

Are there any tell tale signs on your internet equipment light(s) not working as normal, flashing instead of solid illumination, red light etc?


I am an Optus user.
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