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Hi, I'm on the max speed for NBN and have no issue surfing the net. However, when I download tv shows from iTunes, the speed is incredibly slow. For example, 1.69 GB takes more than 2 hours to download. Before I moved to Optus, I could download a show with 1.69 GB in a matter of minutes. Streaming is painful, as it keeps stopping every few minutes and just hangs.


Is anyone else having this issue? Is this an Optus issue, where they throttle iTunes or is this an Apple server issue? Optus, could you please review this and fix? I moved to Optus recently because I heard they are best when it comes to streaming, and so far, the connection for streaming iTunes is really bad.



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I will also like to add that I am on a LAN connection when I have issues. But obviously, WiFi is not good either. I'm experiencing really slow downloading/streaming iTunes tv episodes via PC (Lan) and Apple TV (wifi).

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Actually it could be an Apple server issue as they did have problems recently with a couple of their servers in Singapore if my memory serves me correctly.

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Hey Guys - our Networks guys are aware of this and are working to resolve it but as it seems to be something that is intermittent and not affecting all customers it's quite difficult to pin point the source as this involves working with third parties too. I downloaded an episode from iTunes last night on Cable and it seemed fine so not too sure if you're still experiencing this? When it happens, have you tried rebooting the modem at all to see if this helps? Might be worth chatting with our techs on 131344 just to make sure there is nothing else affecting your connection.

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Re: iTunes Store - Slow Download


Same issue here.

Chose Optus for speed, connection averages 12-14 Mbps to most servers, except iTunes/Apple...

A fix that worked temporarily was to manually change the DNS server address on AppleTV to (opendns server), but tonight not working anymore, it tells me 33 hours to download a 90 min show... friggin' annoyin'

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Hi Hollie, I'm certain there is nothing wrong with my end. It's just iTunes. 


Secondly, the speed seems to be affected between 5 pm to 12 am (when I typically download). I tried to download something at 7 am and it was fine (downloaded within few minutes). This suggests to me that optus throttles iTunes server during peak times. Could you please advise if this is the case? 



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Hi - having similar issues.. can stream a enitire EPL game live (almost) without interuption, yet purchasing a movie or tv to watch via iTunes is very slow..  

A 20 minute Kids TV show can take more that that to buffer before starting, and can then be interupted part way through. Other purchases can display mesages calling our messages such as 'ready to view in 2 hours' etc.. 

Never experinced this issue using iinet (ADSL) over the past 6 years, yet since switching to Optus Cable it's been an ongoing (and very frustrating) issue.

We can stream using our Telsra 4G mobile broadband device or via our Vodafone and Telstra network mobiles (over 4G)

I've noted on various threads that a number of customers seem to have similar issues (and have had for some time).. wondering what Optus is doing to rectify, given the iTunes platform is reasonably popular!


Re: iTunes Store - Slow Download


Hey @mikew22, could you please confirm if you've run a speed test → before downloading?

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