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how to switch to nbn ?

 Good evening,  All.


I came here to see if someone can help  my quiry .

I have recieved recently the letter from NBN that 

most exisiting networks in my area will be disconnected from 9/2/17 

and i could be left without services. 

the letter advised me to contact internet provider ,

which is Optus , I have been using the wireless home broadband with

$70/ month for 50GB for 24month contract  ending  sometime in 2019, 


 Are there anyone can assist me changing the exisiting networks to NBN ? 

I would want to chage it to  unlimited wireless internet 

if there s no charge to break the previous contract 

And some time next year there ll be chance that i change the home address 

Can i transfer the same contract to an different address ? 


I look forward to hearing from you soon. 










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Honoured Contributor

Re: how to switch to nbn ?

Hi Retina,


Transfering to the NBN should be a fairly easy process. The good news is you have more options than you did before. The speed of your connection should also improve. Changing to the NBN however will involve a new contract and terms may differ slightly. 


What street and postcode are you in?




Peter Gillespie

Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: how to switch to nbn ?

It would be good to 100% confirm your service to. You've mentioned 50GB a month for $70 on Home Wireless Broadband. If you're absolutely positive that's what your service is called, you don't actually need to do anything if you don't want. NBN has become available in your area meaning the old cabling in your area will be decomissioned but you're not using that, you're using a wireless broadband connection so yours won't be switched off. 


As Peter said though, with NBN you get a lot more choice so it might be worth looking at your options to see if you can get better value for money or even save some $$'s.


Good luck 🙂

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