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home internet connection suddenly lost

HELP!   WFH, stable wifi important

Home wireless has been working fine for some time

Today, tried to add access to my mobile phone by using the user name & passcode on the base of the modem .... it didn't accept

I then fiddled with the (automatic) wi-fi connection on my laptop while looking to check the passcode ... but inadvertently lost that connection too

I think a cable was dislodged between the NBN & Optus modem ... have put it back, lights seem right BUT am not getting wifi on laptops or phone

Have looked for troubleshooting tips on the Optus site ... the steps to check the NBN modem were good ... the links to steps to check the Optus modem all fail

Am on hold to Optus - 80 mins and counting ... no guarantee I'll get through....

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Re: home internet connection suddenly lost

Hi @yF, so sorry to hear this happened with your WiFi! Get that it would've been pretty annoying, but I'm glad that you've already completed some preliminary troubleshooting steps. 

I hope that since posting everything is back to normal but on the off chance it isn't - is the WiFi light OFF on the modem there? If you're able to connect and access the Internet through an Ethernet/LAN cable then it could be an issue with just the WiFi itself.  

If it is, you could try some of our WiFi specific troubleshooting guides on the page here by selecting your modem type.

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