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entitled to switch or exit your NBN contract and receive compensation

Well finally received an email regarding NBN compensation. Unfortunately I made contact with Optus a few weeks ago  querying why I hadn't been contacted. The guy said don't worry he see i was paying for the entertainment bundle which included speeds of 100/40 however could only receive 31/15 at best. He promptly put me on the current $80 plan and advise this would not affect any compensation due etc. 

Now back to that email. Optus offered $40 compo as they could not deliver the 50mbps speed of the $80 plan since 4/3/2018...... needles to say i got on the phone to query this as i'd been on the previous plan since 08/2016. Basically i felt sick, the bloke on the other end basically said that is all he can offer (the computer says no?), i asked to speak to the manager and was refused.. i feel shafted by Optus, they were quite willing to take $140 a month for a service they could not ever provide (although i acknowledge i did receive some benefit when the NBN worked- although times there was NO bandwidth and some of their IT people said this was congestion!!!!!). .. needless to say im researching other providers, the will migrate and take my families 4 mobile phone contracts to another provider too. Any one else had a similar experience

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Re: entitled to switch or exit your NBN contract and receive compensation

Hi @pne,


So you have had FTTN NBN since 08/2016? You've been paying for the 100Mbps plan? You never got about 50Mbps? And optus have confirmed your line is only rated 31Mbps? 


If that's the case then you are entitled to compensation. At this stage I would write a straight forward letter detailing this and request that Optus credit you the $760 you are entitled to. A written complaint is taken seriously and you will recieve a response and hopefully either the cash or an explanation why not within 10 days. If still a no then you should contact the ACCC (as they are the ones making Optus refund money - its a legal obligation). You could also submit the issue then to the TIO who should handle the issue for you.


Other than the letter  you shouldn't have to do much work after that yourself.




Peter Gillespie

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