disable telephone sockets so NBN will work properly


I am told I should disbale the teklephone socket sin my house so that the NBN will work properly. How do i do that?

Re: disable telephone sockets so NBN will work properly


Its not a certain thing, just a suggestion if you are having issues. Generally the more wires bouncing around your house that the NBN is using then the more likelyhood of some interference or grounding issue etc.


First to confirm you have FTTN NBN (as that uses the existing wires).


If you do then the simplest way to 'disable' the extra sockets is make sure nothing is plugged into them. See if that helps.


Failing that then an electrician could disconnect all the wires at what is likely to be a little junction box near where the phone cable gets to your house. In the ceiling? If you are capable then you can probably do that yourself (there's no danger of electricution). Also disconect any old ADSL filtering devices in the line.


The idea is to get a single clean line into your NBN modem. 




Peter Gillespie


Re: disable telephone sockets so NBN will work properly



KISS clean and simple eliminate any extension sockets and put modem at first point of  entry into house disconnect all other wires.


The telephone socket is what the NBN modem is plugged into.

Pull it out and you will lose NBN assuming you are Fibre  To The Node

which is where your old landline may have been swapped over down the street at the green box and now carries VDSL data assuming you had ADSL and dial up.

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