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hi i have attempted to setup ipv6 without success i have tried the optus chat help line but this was out of their scope. i have home broadband NBN with sagemcom fast 3864ac.

i was wodering if anyone was able to give any help or lead me in the right direction please.

Thanks kindley,



Re: changing to ipv6


Hi @benjamightus, we actually don't support IPv6 on our NBN services as yet. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Re: changing to ipv6


OK, so now it is a year and half later and it seems IPV6 is still not working over Optus on the NBN. What is the plan now?

Re: changing to ipv6


+1 - when will IPv6 be enabled on NBN services? Its only been around since the 1990s, and was mandated back in 2012 as 'Best Current Practice' by the IETF that 'IPv6 support is no longer considered optional.' (


Currently, the rest of the world - and the country - are getting on with it, but Optus lags way down the bottom with 0.09% of users able to enable it (

The NBN has enabled RSPs like Optus to run dual IPv4 and IPv6 since the day it started a decade ago. Telstra, Foxtel, Exetel, and Internode all manage it.

There is no excuse for 'still working on it' a decade down the line Optus. Its not that difficult.






Re: changing to ipv6


I've given up on Optus ever implementing IPv6, and switched to another network that does provide native IPv6.

Bye Optus - after over a decade, I'm eloping.

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