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change from Optus ADSL to NBN


If I move from my Optus ADSL+ service to Optus NBN:

a. do I need a new account number?

b. do I need to change any direct debit details?

c. I have Optus email with one primary address and two secondary addresses (the latter are the two active addresses). How do I keep all three?


Re: change from Optus ADSL to NBN


You would need to confirm these questions with the Sales Team when you setting up the new NBN service. I found using livechat is the best as I get a copy of the chat transcript at the end of the conversion. 


For me going from Optus cable to NBN:

a. New account number, including my account login

b. set up new direct debit 

c. keeping my exising optus email addresses.

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Re: change from Optus ADSL to NBN


A and B change (but they're simple to update)

C (emails) remains as is. Its possible they might disappear in the transfer but its easy to call Optus and they will link them back up properly on request. Optus emails remain reserved and reactable up to 6 months after you leave Optus anyway.


Note, conside migrating your emails to a non RSP when you get settled on the NBN. Something like GMAIL which can also be set to automatically import all Optus emails while you are transitioning. You are on the NBN now and have freedom to select any RSP and get high speed service. Hopefully this remains Optus for the forseeable future, but if you ever decide, or need to leave its a pain losing your emails.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: change from Optus ADSL to NBN


Thank you, that helps a lot.

The biggest problem I have with Optus web sites is that I cannot find any telephone contact details.


I will certainly consider 3rd party. If I do, can I use existing Optus emails to auto forward to gmail etc 6-12 months?


Can I auto reply to any Optus emails to say my new address?


Can I bulk transfer some or all exisiting stored emails (with or without separate folders)


Re: change from Optus ADSL to NBN


The process (of setting up a seperate email) doesn't affect your Optus account at all. You can set a GMail up tonight and have a play and switch back to Optus at any point if you feel its not working for you. General process is:


1) Set Up GMail Account. In Gmail:

2) In Gmail Settings set it to import all current emails from Optus

3) In Gmail Settings set it to import all new emails that go to the optus address (realtime)


Don't change the gmail reply address. The point is you want to get everyone using your new address. Any replys to the gmail address obviously go the the GMail account


4) Set the Optus emails to have a 'tag' (or colour code in GMail) makes it very easy to see whats still coming to OPtus.

5) Update important accounts with the GMail address (banks, utilities, security, subscriptions, etc.)

6) Email your contacts with the new address.

7) Roll through the last 6 months of Inbox and pick out any emails that you reckon need the email updated.

8) Think about any annual events that need the email address updated (Rates?) 

9) Monitor what's coming to Optus and whats coming to Gmail (all via GMail) and you should see almost nothing to OPtus soonish.

10) You're free


While you're at it, set up 2 factor authentication in GMail (and a recovery alternate address) for much better email security.


Peter Gillespie

Re: change from Optus ADSL to NBN


excellent, thanks for the information

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