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When will the Optus cable network be decommissioned? I had FTTC connected in Frankston Vic in April but my cable connection is still switched on. I have 2 internet connections..

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I dont think Optus is going to decommission their cable networks. Have you advised Optus you have moved from that old address? I would get in contact with Optus ASAP before you cop paying a internet service your not even using ontop of your current internet you got.


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Thanks for the reply. I am only being billed for the nbn but the cable internet is still connected. I have contacted Optus and they have confirmed that i have 2 services. I think i will just leave it for now and see what happens..

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Optus generally 'decommision' their cable networks about 3-4 months after the NBN arrives in your area. However there is no hard and fast rule on exactly when. Optus will switch it off for the entire area, not just your house. 


So long as you are not being double billed then I guess no reason not to leave it in place.


Peter Gillespie

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