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New Contributor ktluu78
New Contributor

cable internet Botany NSW

Hi all, 


I have only recently signed up with Optus Cable Broadband (on 20 Feb) and the internet speed has been extremely slow during the night time. We are getting between 2.0-5.0 Mpbs between 7.00pm (ish) - 10.30pm the evening both during the week and at weekends. the speed would go up to about 25-26 Mbps when we wake up in the morning (around 6.00 am).


Unfortunately, as we both work full time, the above time is when we can settle in for the evening and use the internet for our daily needs. Practically it has been close to unuseable. I recall last week when we were trying to make an urgent internet banking transfer - it just kept on freezing on us until we eventually gave up. 


I tried several attempts to contact online tech support (during the nights) - i only got through once. The lady on the phone told me it was a congestion issue and everyone in Botany (where we are) using Optus cable should have the same speed ( Not sure if i believe it). She also said she reset the line and asked me to change the wireless channel setting to 7 and restart the modem. It should work - she said. It hasnt!!! Last two evenings and tonight, i simply coudnt get through after waiting for about an hour each evening. 


at the time of posting, the speed test returned 3.65Mbps as the download speed. 


One thing I'd like to mention is that I do need to connect into work in the evenings. This hasnt happened due to the speed and it is starting to create issues at work for me. 


So my question is if there is any solution to this? I cant bear the thought of being stuck with this for another 24 months. Please help. 

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: cable internet Botany NSW

Sorry to hear of the congestion issues. Typically this is caused when the node for your area is near capacity. They are typically upgraded to allow for more traffic, but with NBN rolling out a lot of upgrades have been ceased as the network will be shut down completely in the near future. You can check your address on NBN's website to see when this is predicted to be completed.


If NBN is still a while away, and no solution can be provided for the issue, you can discuss your contract options with our Retention Team on 133937 Mon - Wed: 8:00am - 7:00pm, Thur - Fri: 8:00am - 8:00pm, Sat: 9:00am - 6:00pm (EST).

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