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New Contributor imjustme
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Worst phone call i have ever had

So today was just awful. Since Feb 6th I have had no notifications for my NBN, not the plan, not the modem arriving, nothing. Only thing I ever got an email or text about was after i contacted customer service and asked the question. This is the worst case of being left in the dark I have ever experienced. Took all of 2 days to get my phone sorted but 2 months for my Internet and fetch TV. So I call or I email or I get onto chat and what do I get in return? Apologies and promises not kept, or just something so wrong I don't know what to do with it. So today I decided to make the call to end it all. I wanted to speak to the supervisor and get my bill fixed for good. Cause I've only had problems since the first time I received a bill. First of all, every time I call, the options change. Secondly, the people I am speaking to are only reading from a computer screen, so they only read part of my problem, they don't even know what the problem is or they just don't listen to what I am saying. I got tired of repeating myself and asking to speak to a supervisor. To finally hear that a supervisor would contact me back, I was happy. Except when he did call, I was busy and no message was left. Not "we will try again later" or "please call and ask for someone with reference number etc etc" No, 2 seconds of nothing. So I call back, and again I am expected to explain my problem all over again.

(Also today i contacted about my NBN dropouts so i was having 2 problems resolved at once.)

Finally getting to talk to a supervisor, not only did he have no idea why I was calling, but had no concern over how annoyed I was having to repeat myself over and over again. He had no compassion, no care and while I was getting frustrated, he was being rude. I am so annoyed now that my next step is to the ACCC. I have countless emails and chat transcripts to show how I was poorly supported and how what should have been an easy transfer from cable to NBN has turned into a nightmare. 

So I ask you this Optus, how can you honestly say you pride yourself on your customer service when I have been treated this way? Wasting so much time of my life on this. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I try to be nice, but when I ask a question and get an answer that has nothing to do with my question, it can get rather frustrating. 

I worked in customer service my whole working life. When someone had a problem, i tried to fix it, when i couldn't, i would let them know that someone who could would contact them, or I would tell them it could not be fixed. 

Be honest with me, did I deserve any of this?

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Moderator Eveline

Re: Worst phone call i have ever had

Hi Cheryl, no one deserves any of that and I'm terribly sorry to hear about the experience you've had. If you can get in touch with our Social Media team via Facebook/Twitter PM, we'll be able to chase this up with the relevant teams and get this sorted for you

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