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Occasional Contributor aman_singh
Occasional Contributor

Worst ever service

6 months back I made a regretful decision of switching my NBN service from iiNet to Optus. 4 years of quality service transitioned to what you would not even expect in 3rd world countries. 


After not having a single dropout or outage ever with iiNet the fate was written for worst ever NBN experience with Optus one would expect. Starting with the first day itself there have been continuous connection dropouts. Reported to Optus and it was confirmed that there are connection dropouts. I was initially told that an ethernet cable is faulty. Ending up changing the wires but to no avail.


Had a replacement modem sent out but still no change. Once the connecyion dropped would take anywhere between 1min-3hrs to comeback. Only option that seemed to work was to restart the modem. 


Optus wont know what is the issue or how to fix it. NBN also confirmed that there is no fault on their end.


Ended up buying my own DLink modem. Though it didn't fix the connection dropouts, I do not have to hard reset it to bring the connection back up.


Can't wait to go to iiNet. 


I wont ever sign up with Optus for anything ever again.


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New Contributor geezer1966
New Contributor

Re: Worst ever service

Agree agree agree...sick of waiting on phone only too b disconnected

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