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Wiring a fixed home phone to the NBN


Hi all, I had the NBN connected last week and was not made aware by the sales team that the fixed home phones would not work after the NBN installation. The sales team also did not advise that a professional installation was available at the time of install which would ensure that the home phones were connected. Repeated calls to Optus have resulted in total frustration as I have been advised that they do not offer this service, you need to call a local cabling technician, you need to connect your home phone to the modem to yes we offer this service but only at the time of installation! Surely Optus can assist me with resolving this issue. Can anyone please assist as I have been without a home phone for a week and I am totally at a loss as how to progress this issue. Thanks

Re: Wiring a fixed home phone to the NBN


Basically they are running around installing other people's dramas.


You need to get your old number forwarded to your mobile. You could try a TIO complaint. It does sound like gross incompetence.



Re: Wiring a fixed home phone to the NBN


Hey @pauls02 - generally speaking, you would need your extra phone points/line cut over onto the NBN network by a qualified technician.

With that being said, we can definitely double check this for you, please PM me with your landline/account number, full name and DOB so we can take a look. 

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Re: Wiring a fixed home phone to the NBN


After spending several extremely frustrating and fruitless days on the phone to the Optus technical support team I was finally put in touch with the Optus Customer Relations team. The issue was resolved by arranging for a local cabling tech to perform the work and then submitting the invoice to Optus who will credit my account accordingly. Whilst I am grateful that a solution has been found I find it extremely disappointing that a communications company can no longer provide a technician to perform a simple cabling job when this service was offered as part of the NBN installation. ( The other two glaring problems that this issue has highlighted is:

1. The lack of training provided to call centre staff as the answers provided in the course of my many phone calls were either inconsistent, incorrect, incompetent or a combination of all three. For example, I asked for the home phone to be diverted to my mobile until the issue was resolved. Within the same day I was first told that this could not be done because my service was not yet active (it was). The second team member arranged for this to be done within the hour.

2.  Follow up communication. I was promised by four different team members that I would be contacted via my mobile to provide a progress report on the issue. Not ONE of these four team members contacted me. I had to initiate the contact every time. It was only once the issue had been raised with the Customer Relations team, did I receive the type of service that I would have expected with the initial call.

3. Given my extremely disappointing experience with Optus I would have felt that they would have offered me some form of compensation (e.g. reduced bill, etc) to help retain me as a customer. Regretably it seems that this is "not part of the process".


As a final note, I have provided a comprehensive log to Optus for feedback purposes. I will consider my options and make a decision as to which Service Provider will receive my business in due course.




Re: Wiring a fixed home phone to the NBN


Something was on the 7:30 report last night about this. NBN is responsible for all the screwups.


About 9 minutes in.


One guy had a more idiotic problem than you.

Re: Wiring a fixed home phone to the NBN


OMG! I have had the same problems and more. See my post.


And I have been with Optus with all Mobiles (x3), INternet, Landline & Fetch TV for well over 15-20 years.


It is time I looked for another provider who I'm sure will provide better service.


Many years ago I used to call Optus, Floptus b/c of their limited mobile network compared to Telstra. As this improved I stoppped this.


Now I am renaming them Floptus!!! Their customer service & competence has been appalling. Where has looking after the customer experience gone? 


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