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Wild variations in wifi speeds

Hi all.

I have read all the forums about wifi on 2.4 and some of the innovative solutions people have been forced into using and pose the question in view of the ACMA ruling about the new requirement that NBN Co. and ISPs must assure the subscriber that my line is fit for use when nbn is rolled into the premises.

Indont know abou5 you but  as I chose self install I just unplugged adsl2 at 8/mbps and plugged in vdsl nbn and first got 48 out of 50 and then like many suffered congestion from the schoolies, gamers and streamers and ran the gauntlet of optuses little helpers both technical and non technical, useful and useless.

still waiting on the AC modem which I am told is faster than the fast@ modem.

But still see wild variations from 8 to 48 mbps down day and night and wonder where we are all headed with this nbn?


why should the end user be the victim in all of this? 


Is optus and others snowed under?


The radio waves are full of debate every week, papers seem to have gone quiet and I reflect on my new electric hybrid car which is fully charged but Imam forced to drive in first or second gear and if Imam really really luck on a fine sunny Monday when all the schoolies are at school I get to drive it in top gear.


I check out all the spin flying around these forums, the advice and the blame game and wonder why we are putting up with this crock we have inherited?


It# here for the long term so we better get it sorted before some poor old person dies cos their alarm does not work or others cant work  out next year where there land line has gone.


 Ethernet is not affecteing my speeds somI went and bought two shielded Ethernet 10;metre cables and tacked them across my room on suspended beams as floor is a slab and room is flat.


I am told avoid wifi at all costs as the 2.4 is congested and is a big radio fog out there.


Trouble is most flat pack modern laptops seem to have dropped Ethernet ports along with the defunct clamshell d9 serial port, too bad if you want this old school technology, 


wifi is here to stay and last check I have seven devices on it the fast modem, two casting modems, my printer my defactonAP modem my wife’s Mac and an old email e machine.


All only 2.4 capable.


my iPad is the only device that can do 5g.


2 cents.



Steve Gregory
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Valued Contributor

Re: Wild variations in wifi speeds

Hi there!


Are you aware of whether it's your wifi that's allow, or your NBN connection itself? If you're unsure, it's best if you can find a device that has ethernet in it so you can remove wifi from your connection - thus, if it's still slow then we know it's your actual NBN connection.


Have the speeds improved since you're last post?

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