WiFi Network - Two Names, one with _5GHz at end



I keep receiving the following message Optus_Wifi Network Name isn't secure, followed by the followingstatement.


This wifi network uses an older security standard that's being phased out. We recommend connecting to a different to a different network.


My modem is Optus's Sagemcom Gateway F@st 3864OP.


Has anyone else been receiving this type of message? If you have, how was it eventually saved.


The inability to speak to someone, due to outages, over the phone is not acceptable.


Solving the problem using the My Optus App on your mobile, is time consuming and futile. 

Re: WiFi Network - Two Names, one with _5GHz at end

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Most new modems transmit on both 2.4 and 5GHz and that's why you are seeing 2 names. They both have advantages and disadvantages. If you are getting a lot of interference or there are many devices in your area you might be best to use 5GHz. The down side to 5GHz is it does not have the range of 2.4GHz. I am not sure what security message you are getting. Do both networks show with a lock in your network connections? If you don't see the lock are they both asking for a password if you try and connect?


Re: WiFi Network - Two Names, one with _5GHz at end


Thanks Yeldard


The part "Two Names, one with _5GHz at end". Should not have been included in the query. Didn't realise the error until it had been posted.


I think that it maybe the modem, which is a Sagemcom Gateway F@st 3864OP. When I enquired with Optus, I was being question about the 5GHz, and changing my password which this modem doesn't have tha capabilities. Apparently, the person was talking about another Sagemcom.


Anyway thanks for your response


Re: WiFi Network - Two Names, one with _5GHz at end


I am not sure I understand what you are saying as all modems should have the ability to change the WiFi password. I was thinking the security error may be the encryption method with the connection such as the old WEP standard that is not a very secure option.

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