Re: WiFi Issues sagemcom F@ST 3864


HI @DavidL_, if you want a naked broadband plan you'll not need to recontact rather just change the plan. There is an $80 re-contract fee of the plan you are moving too is less per month. The landline/broadband bundles are often better value even if you don't use the landline. It really depends on what plan you are on now. The Naked Broadband plan is here →

Re: WiFi Issues sagemcom F@ST 3864

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Choosing Ch 6 and turning " Express" on HAS improved wifi range on the Sagemcom 3864. Thanks.

Re: WiFi Issues sagemcom F@ST 3864


Thanks for the info.  I think I have tried that in the past and did not help.

Re: WiFi Issues sagemcom F@ST 3864


I have had nothing but issues with the Sagemcom F@ST 3864V3 router (the black one) that Optus are using. I've just been through nearly 2 months of testing and speed pack upgrades to solve constant drop outs and service slow downs. At the very beginning I asked if it could be the router and the Optus reps dismissed that as an idea and have kept on dismissing it. I only just changed over to a TP-Link AC1200 router and, "magically" all the issues have disappeared. I am currently trying to get Optus to compensate me for the router (it was only $100). Even just a short search online for reviews of the Sagemcom will show what a dog of a router it is. Everyone is having issues with it. Optus knows it is an issue (how could they not) but I feel bad for them as they have obviously bought it from a vendor with expectations that it would meet their specs (I've had three Optus Netgear routers prior to this with no issues) and have been massively let down. I expect they are sitting on 100 of thousands of these with no real out except melting them down to make very expensive park benches and starting all over again with a better vendor.

In short: save your stress and just replace the router yourself and try to get Optus to compensate. If I had my time back again I would've done that straight away and saved hours and hours of phone calls.

Re: WiFi Issues sagemcom F@ST 3864


Good evening @bowhowdy, completely get what you're saying. 


If you've spent a bit of time on the forum, you'll see that there’s been mixed reviews. There have been a number of vocal customers who've expressed their concern and I can assure that we are taking feedback on-board. 


As far as compensation is concerned, credits are assessed on a case by case basis, however from experience we usually wouldn't credit you towards the purchase of a BYO modem.


Had you paid to upgrade an older version of the Sagemcom or was it included when you'd signed up with us? When you'd initially brought up your concern, had we raised a fault ticket? 




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Re: WiFi Issues sagemcom F@ST 3864

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Hey @Dan_C,

Thanks for the message. I have the dual band model I got (black) with the plan when I first signed up. I have had fault raised for about 2 months as we have slowly worked through the various issues that it could be (of course the router was dismissed as an issue early in the piece).


"Mixed reviews" is an understatement about the Sagemcom. Most people don't report faults, especially if the service somewhat works, and in this case the Sagemcom modem somewhat works. Most people don't understand what performance they should expect from a router and will blame the lines (or are led to believe they should blame the line i.e. NBN Co.). 

From those people I have read (here and elsewhere) who do know about routers the verdict is clear: the Sagemcom router you are using is fundamentally a piece of cheap junk. I encourage you to view some of the teardowns out there to see why. 

I'd liken your assessment of this router to that of Samsung's initial assessment of the S7 Note. "Only a small percentage of Notes have had issues (e.g. exploded)" I remember was the intial gist of that statement. Then they just recalled the whole lot. 


In my case the difference couldn't be clearer. Sagemcom router connected = constant drop outs and slow downs. TP-Link router connected = good speeds and no drop outs. 


I've had almost all positive experiences with Optus in the multiple services I've used over the years. The few negative experiences were mostly down to factors outside of Optus's control. This router is definitely within the control of Optus. At this stage I'd recommend that anyone thinking about the NBN get it from another provider. Even if they wanted Fetch and Optus Sport (which are both excellent) as it's not worth the expense having to buy another router to replace the Optus one when you are just getting the same NBN as any provider can deliver. And you can still get Fetch and Optus Sport as subs anyway without needing free data as most NBN plans are unlimited anyway. 


Dump this router and sue Sagemcom for damages. It's not performant and that isn't Optus's fault but the longer you pretend it isn't an issue the more it becomes your fault. 



Re: WiFi Issues sagemcom F@ST 3864


@bowhowdyOptus are really in denial about the performance, including the WiFi issues, and overall quality of the product.  I had an outage  of nearly 17 hours and not only were Optus not helpful they ignored any request for an update when the issue was fixed.  Even though i asked them to let me know as I was going out on the day.  I called them again to find out what progress they made and while on the phone to Optus I rechecked and found it was working.  Then I had to spend more time getting mobile phone credits to reimburse the calls made to them when the outage was first noticed and I had to search their web site for their support number as it is not on their bills!


I asked the support person how I could lodge a formal complaint about this and they said that they would lodge it on by behalf and this was on the 19th of May 2018 and I asked again on the 22nd when I rang again about the missing reimbursement.

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