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Wi Fi (ax)

Hi Yes Crowd,


I'm writing to you to find out if Optus will be releasing any modems later this year which make use of the new wi fi technology

ax or Wi Fi 6. I have just got a Galaxy S10 which has ax capabilities and looking forward to enhancing my home network.


I understand I may have to change/upgrade my plan to get this modem if and when they release one.


Tks in advance for any info

Regards Paul C

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Re: Wi Fi (ax)

Optus only just started releasing an IMO  'mediocre' AC modem last year. It was a big transition after 5+ years of N. I would not expect anything soon. 


However you don't need to wait for Optus to get AX. Buy a modem you like. Disable the Optus wifi, and add the new modem to your network. Use it for wifi only.


That said, AC speeds are pretty fan fast now .A good AC modem will result get 500Mbps+. That will transfer a HD movie in a minute or two. How often and how fast do you need for keeping your phone sorted? 


Peter Gillespie


PS what nbn technology do you have? HFC? Fttp?


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Re: Wi Fi (ax)

Hi Peter, 


I average 90 down 38 up. It's not all about speed so much as lower latency and the ability to be alot more efficient with multiple connected devices. It's not something I want/need this minute as I have the only able device until the Tv and amp get updated along with other new devices later this year . My wife also works from home a lot on her laptop. You're right though a dedicated ax router will be another option.


Thanks for your prompt reply


Have a great day


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