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Why there are 2 services under my account and charging me ridiculous amount for NBN????


I applied for NBN50 around Feb 2020 and during the sales process Optus messed it up and input some address that is completed unrelated to me against what I have submitted online.

There have been numerous phone calls and delays to get my internet connected, but at least it worked, the only thing outstanding was porting my old number accorss to this new service (which still hasn't happened yet). During this process, I have spoken to about 3 service people from Optus and kept getting told they had to cancel/re-place the order to make it work, etc. At the end, I asked them to make sure the incorrect services are cancelled and only the correct one remains.

I then paid $270 in Mar, which is $70 monthly fee + $200 setup, fair enough, this is correct. I have setup direct debit.


Yesterday, I got a bill from Optus for a ridiculous amount of close to $300 again! Upon a close look, it appears that there are 2 services (NBNx2, landline x2) on my account! Both with my name but one with a "." in between.

Not surprised, the whole sales process has been chaotic and unorganised, and Optus obviously think you can have two differnet NBN services connected to one address so it can double charge the client?  I have spent a lot of time put on hold on phones and waiting for messages on my app, this is exhuasting and I seriously doubt whether Optus is the right service provider as so far the experience has been very appalling and disappointing.








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Re: Why there are 2 services under my account and charging me ridiculous amount for NBN????

Hello @Rexcwz

I can understand that it would be frustrating to get a bill for services that you don’t have.

Currently we are handling vital and critical enquiries due to Covid-19 and suggest that if you have a billing matter that we kindly ask that you understand there will be delays in handling that enquiry.

Please reach out to us after April 30th, as there will not be any late fees or suspensions of services during April and we can look into it further

Until 30 April 2020, customers can request to put their current monthly Postpaid mobile service plan charges on hold for 90 days should there be no current need for the service (please note that additional charges such as device repayments and extras are not included and will continue to be charged monthly during this period)

Waiving late payment fees for all our customers until 30 April 2020

Stopping disconnection and credit collection activities until 30 April 2020

For more information please see the COVID-19 Article Here

Stay Safe

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