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Why does Optus not give out the VOIP account information?


I don't really want to have the sagecom modem pluged in as a bridge just to use my home phone onVOIP, why can't optus just give me the settings so I can use my BYO modem as a stand alone ?

Re: Why does Optus not give out the VOIP account information?


I guess like most main stream ISP’s they like to keep that card close to their chest.. One reason (excuse) would be folks complaining that Optus won’t help them with there BYO modem/phone when it goes down..

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Re: Why does Optus not give out the VOIP account information?


Other RSPs do give out this information so I'm not sure what reason Optus have other than it would tend to force customers to use their equipment. This obviously helps reduce support issues, although Optus already state they don't support external equipment anyway. Its a long standing Optus policy so not likely to change any time soon.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Why does Optus not give out the VOIP account information?


Not sure what mainstream ISP's caaf is talking about..??  I can name several that do give out the SIP coding for VOIP and they work with you to make your service as complete as you can get.  Today I finally bit the bullet after a bit over two years of OPTUS NBN and changed provider. I have been with OPTU for over 20 years and the only fault I can find is the POS Sagemcom. I have both versions, the N and AC and both are useless. Without any setup I just plugged in my new provider and my wifi speed went up from 200Mbps on the 5GHz to 687Mbps and on 2.4 my N band went from the 144Mbps to 300Mbps.  Additionally they have sent me all the SIP coding if I wish to use my own modem, should I decide not to use their supplied Netcomm device.
OPTUS reason back when I first signed up, for not giving out the SIP codes was as simple as it was laughable. This was told to me by no less than three different operators on differing occaisions.  OPTUS does not give out these codes since a customer had been fraudelently hacked and accumulated almost $10,000.00 in calls. As this was not his fault OPTUS retain the right not to give out these codes in future to a) Protect their customers, and b) protect the company from losing such large amounts of income in civil law action.  As I pointed out then and repeatedely time and again, why is no other ISP having this problem, why are they not afraid to give out these codes and why don't they offer a better or higher grade modem as some ISP's do if the customer wishes to buy this at a subsidised cost. (FritzBox - FritzPhon, or Draytek) are two they could consider as they are among the ones on offer by other ISP's.

2.5 years later, after my cancelling my service today I was assured that this matter would be seriously investigated (again) and I would get feedback (again) Smiley Wink I have no axe to grind with OPTUS on customer support or any other aspect except this POS modem.  If you read thrru the crowd forums there is plenty of people with problems with it.  Some people think it's OK for a free modem, but I do not see it as free. I pay for it along with my service, and then I do not get the best service possible with it.  As a person who knows and understands 80-90% of the tech talk and configuring of such things, I have spent many hours tweaking and tuning it, but after connecting an unconfigured out of the box Netcomm up, seeing my wifi speed and range increase so much was beyond belief.  I had both services running for one day, yesteerday and I used three different wifi test apps for range, strength and signal interference. Tuning out the neighbors and only having these two on, the graphs and charts looked rediculous. The Sagemcom was crawling along the bottom on both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz, while at the top was the Netcomm. I did this on three different devices, Huawei phone, samsung tablet and Apple iphone X, all running the same type of the 3 apps. OPTUS really needs to do something and not have people make comments on their behalf with poor is misguided information about why the SIP codes are not given out. Telstra use their phone on the Uni-V port, or through the modem if any other form of conection, but they do not use Sagemcom.  Most people I know with them are getting good results.

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I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!
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