Why does NBN keep dropping out?


After almost a decade of near perfect cable connection with Optus I've been on NBN for about 2 months and it drops out all the time. At least once a week it will go down and god help you if it's raining.


Why is it so rubbish? Can anything be done to make it anything resembling reliable?

Re: Why does NBN keep dropping out?


What technology NBN? FTTN


FWIW once a week is probably within acceptable residential plan parameters. The issue can also be the modems fault (generally such a device should automatically reconnect after a minute - sounds like this is not happening). You could investigate buying a better quality modem ($100-$200)?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Why does NBN keep dropping out?




I'm using the Optus supplied modem and dropping out regularly doesn't sound reasonable to me, especially when the old obsolete cable technology was 100% reliable

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