Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Forgot about this post. I kept old modem. It had a better range. Whole family agreed old one reached downstairs toilet (judge away). Mostly apple products. Newer one definitely getting interference and range issues. The idea of a signal strength app makes perfect sense. Thanks


Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Hey emind, sorry I was slow having a reply. Bit of R&R in the ol PTSD hospital for now. SO, wifi checking software comes in many varieties. Depending on your ability to read the information will determine your overall best choice. I have it narrowed down to two, and as I use Android, it generally saves them as a list in playstore of installed files under Library. So I can uninstall if I do not want them all the time. Netgear WIFI Analytics is very good and uses an unusual polyhedron type design to show the signal strenght in a point, as well as the usual data and signal frequency unfo. WIFI Analyzer is my other goto check program for signal strength.  Both allow you to set up individually or in conjuction with the 2.4GHz & 5.0 GHz FREQ channels.

Something to remember though to set yours up, you will need a wireles signal of your own and be logged on to it first. Once this has occureed, like your own wifi, it will stt all that surrounds you in WiFi signal and strength.  You can then start tuning your mode router.
As for getting through to rst of the house, you cannot beat these, the best IMHO or if you can afford a lesser speed in those areas, the little brother here even the speeds are still much greater and if you are first coming off the RJ45 line, I think you will achieve very good speeds on these anyhow.

Much to learn young novice Smiley Happy try to aim for the AC version of Modem from optus (Black One) if Sagemcom.

Good uck and always ask questions.


If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Hi Peter,

1) install planned - Jan-Mar 2019
2) Already landline
3) Currently on Optus cable
4) CG3000-2STAUS

The problem is each of the floors of the house is like its own "faraday cage".

Currently using:
1) Optus Cable Modem / EMTA (Model - CISCO DPC2203C) - 1 LAN o/p.
2) NETGEAR - Nighthawk X6 (on ground floor)
3) NETGEAR - Range Extender (on ground floor)

4) nothing on floors 3 & 4 (so no coverage at all)

The cable modem (1st floor)is a piece of rubbish IMO
With 2 & 3 gives about 70% coverage of ground floor (thanks to lan cable to downstairs)

I doubt the advances in wifi tech will prevail even using a mesh system.

Now considering how to combine usage of:
1) various lan cables going to each of the floors ... with ...
2) power cables throughout the house (spread over 3 phases adds an extra challenge)

Daunting challenge trying to get coverage throughout the entire house.

EM Ind

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Good points mate ... I have to look at also using the house power cable system as well!

The power circuits are spread over three phases (different phases on different floors) so Ill need a splitter with 3 lan cables & 3 power socket transmitters for starters.

$15 on ebay??? ... I don't know exactly what types are best to suit my needs but I couldnt see anything under +$50-. on ebay.

What units have you seen on there for $15 if you dont mind me asking?


EM Ind


Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?

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Hi Ed,


Thanks for the answers. A couple of important clarifications overlooked:


1) What NBN tech are you going to get?

2) Not asking if you have a landline, but is it important going forward? (Makes things simpler if you don't)


But as to your solution I think you've overlooked one main advantage of a Mesh - You can set each modem to back haul over a LAN line. This means you just hook in a modem on each floor and you have a seemless connection back to the master unit on the ground floor.


Unfortunately I don't think the Nighthawk model is backwards compatible at the moment with AI Mesh. It would be up to you how to purchace units. IMO its possible you could get away with a ground floor and 2rd floor units (none on first or 3rd) but depending on how that works you could add in more as well.


It might be simplest to just go the Google Mesh option. Grab a 3 pack ($500) and add in one more if you want later on. As this article explains you set the backhaul over your LAN cables not via the wifi


Peter Gillespie

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?

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Double post

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


You are correct. $50 is very good. Officeworks start at about $70. I spent ten seconds and found a wifi extender instead. Mine were a free bundle. Oops


I would recommend mesh as already suggested (kudos to them) for your situation (and most people) since some household items such as PlayStation ,Tv and Fetch require cable natively. 

Hopefully all your cabling returns to some central distribution point where you can connect to your modem. Thats what I did (behind TV) but I only have a  cheap two storey home, how embarrassing. 


Here is a nice article covering extenders, powerlines and mesh.


Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Hi Peter,

Not sure maybe just stick with optus and not sure what offer as yet!

I havent done my research on whats available as yet.

The important thing ATM is to get the wifi coverage throughout the house un and running.


Yes there is a landline so that issue is covered.  Phone lines also go throughout the house floors, next to the lan outlets. Thats a big help!


Yes I am going to use a mesh system to start with and I dont think any wifi will be totally successful on its own.

This is a VERY BIG HOUSE. I reckon it's "EARTHQUAKE PROOF" theres the much concrete and steel in it! lmao!

I think the coverage success is going to come by utilising the LAN cables with the mesh system.


Luckily all the ethernet cables run back to a common point (there's well over 20 LAN cables and phone cables not to mention intercom cables lol) ... it's like one giant big bundle of spaghetti hahahah


Im quietly confident the mesh/lan system combination will give the required coverage!

I will use the "power line transmission" as a last resort if the coverage is unsuccessful with the mesh/lan system.


YES your correct Peter, the nighthawk wont be compatible! I'ts not going to be needed !


Yes ground and 2nd floor locations are a must to start with! In fact I think Ill need 4 units minimum (one per floor)

(Great article how to connect the mesh units via ethernet... thanks for the heads up .. greatly appreciated).


I will report on the sytem and setup once I have it working throughout the house.


Cheers and thanks heaps for you expertise!


EM Ind


Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Hi Bainf,

$50 is OK. cool.


As I replied to Peter you are both correct ..Im going with a mesh system and using the LAN cables also.

Power transmision will be a last resort.


Luckily all the ethernet cables run back to a common point (there's well over 20 LAN cables and phone cables not to mention intercom cables lol) ... it's like one giant big bundle of spaghetti hahahah.


Thanks for the link to the article mate!


As I said to Peter I'll give you guys a report on it's coverage/performance when I have the system installed and running.



EM Ind


Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


I have a new Sagemcom 3864V3HP modem & it is only sending out 2.4Ghz WiFi. How do I get the 5Ghz WiFi please?


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