Which optus supplied modem is best?


Change plans and a extra new modem unexpectantly showed up. (I hate waste)

Which is the best to use?

New one is Black Sagemcom Gateway F@st 3864V3 AC

Old existing one is White Sagemcom Gateway F@st 3864OP NBN IMS

My findings:

Old one is bigger and heavier, does it use more power?

I wall mounted it and the lights are easily visible.

The new one also mount on wall but not as well and the lights face a different way.

I have from a reliable source the old white one just works in downstairs bathroom, new one does not.

New one seemed to have trouble connecting when moving around house and dropped out. 

The new one has two wifi options (is one faster?)





Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


The black is definitely better and newer (the two wifi options are N and AC and AC is much faster than N)


If you have the luxury then just get the black one setup and confirm its all working nicely with your wifi etc. Some Optus modems have been found to have wifi signal that drops off almost totally after about 10m


Peter Gillespie

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


I am very curious Bainf, I have one of each and there is no difference in size or noticeable weight..? Admittedly, mine is not a V3 model but still, it is unusual.

The AC version will be more beneficial if you can configure it right, knowing that there are two distinctly seperate wireless frequencies. The ever reliable 2.4GHz and the 5GHz.  Pro's and Con's 2.4 has greater range, can transmit up to 300Mbts ps, and is always relaible to connect too. However, a lot can interfere with it from cordless phones, microwaves, refridgerators and electrical goodies to the neighbors wireless internet. There are only 3 single channels and the rest overlap. You can find out more by searching on the web.You need to find the best channel to get optimum performance and then check that regularly because someone in the housing around you may change their channel and cause you disruption. There are free apps you can put on your smartphone to scan the frequency and see what is the best channel for you. They even tell you the signal strength in each room, very handy apps, you can test the range of your wifi before it loses strength.  If mine had 10 meters I'd be a happy man, but at 3 mtrs it drops like a lead weight in water. Interference is the enemy with 2.4GHz.

Now, 5GHz is a different beast. Each channel is an idividual and therefore interference is minimal to nil, but there are some 5GHz cordless phones out there so beware. Speed is also a bonus, the AC fastest speed I have seen was 867 Mbts on my laptop and weirdly 427Mbts on my TV. Our phones vary depending on brand, iPhones is slowest and my Huawei is wickedly fast. in the 5Ghz setup there is the capability to set beamforming to enabled and I think this helps quite a bit, just don't expect it to find it in 2.4GHz. Configuration is everything and getting it right is not just out of the box and turn it on.  To get the best, you must do things to enable or disable features. These black and white boxes were bought for one reason only, to have a uniform means of connection that just does the job. Simple enough for the Techs to understand and for most home owners who just don't understand what they don't have or need.  Any how, I digress a bit too early. 5GHz Sounds good eh,....Well the price for individual channels is the range is not so good, it diminishes very quickly and on this unit it is prone to be more than a little unreliable at times. In a period of 12 months I have had to reset the settings 5 times to the same each time to continue getting good performance.  Why it drops out is anybody's guess as there are no updates to the units firmware.  Now to my RANT.

OPTUS is NOT interested in how good our wireless connection is..!!!  If they were they would give us a unit that actually does work, When approached with wifi problems that the techs continuosly escalated till I had reached the top level I was advised that as long as I was getting good speed on the cable connection, thay had done their job and provided the service.  Any wifi was a bonus and speeds were not guaranteed in wifi. A sad situation in this day and age.  Some people are content to say "it's a free modem, so don't complain", but I disagree.  We are paying for a service and not getting it due to poor equipment. Case in point, I hook up my old modem router and my wifi is instantly running at hi speed on both frequencies without my touching it, but no phone.  Why don't I hook this into my Sagemcom for wireless..??  Not enough powerpoints and just for NBN, phone and router I am using three already. So, situation dictates needs.

In your case, I would get an app if you own a smart phone, measure your wifi signal strength and range workout where is best location for your router. One thing I had learnt is you can get a longer Cat 6 cable and not use the supplied 1.5 ethernet cable.  This will give you more freedom in location.  So once plugged in and transmitting, figure your maximum transmit distances, then move your modem/router clser to where you think is best for your signal spread, then measure how much Cat6 cable you will need to go back to the access point.  This will not diminish your internet in anyway.

Anyhow, I hope there is some use in this dribble LoL,


If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Like how your rant started about 100 words in Smiley Happy


But smiley happies aside I agree Optus is selling (and responsible for) wifi as much as any other component of their service. The fact that the modem is essentially non optional (use it or lose the landline) only emphasises this. Its not 'free' as as you either have to pay for it or enter into a 12-24 month contract for it. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Yeh, my love for this equipment shows up rapidly and sorry to OP Smiley Sad


Somewhere in there, what you said is what I mant to say, so thank you.  Thay are not free as you said, we pay for them.  I am currently looking at a TP-Link EAP-245 to do my WiFi  Looks like a winner.

If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Nothing to be sorry about. I think there's a lot of great info in there for the OP.


Optus do offer a basic connectivity option. Does the job but IMO getting a better unit into your network is money well spent. I can't speak to the TPLink, but also have a look as the asus aimesh option. The modems have been around some time now but that's a plus. Recently they upgraded the firmware so you can link several units into one  single wifi network. Works well.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


Well said!

EXCELLENT post and EXCELLENT Idea about checking wifi signal strength!

What's the best smartphone apps (android) do you recommend to check wifi signal strength throughout a house?

I was never aware nor have I ever read it before about what impact "different channels" can have on signal "strength & distribution".

Looks like I have my homework setout for me lol!


Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?



What I am looking at doing for my sisters place. Its unbelievable , 4 levels, each floor comprises metal cliplock sheeting with concrete and rheo on top of it.

Trying to get active wifi throughout the premises has proved unsuccessful.

Numerous ethernet cables go to each floor which is the saving grace (well I hope so).

The Optus cable enters 1st floor into a modem (no router with the unit) YOU THINK optus WOULDVE SUPPLIED A UNIT, but they didnt!

From what I have worked out so far is that a wifi modem/router is needed on this level then on each level I need a wifi modem.

It's the only way I can see to get successful wifi throughout the house.

My dilema is:

1) NBN is not supplied as yet .. its only a matter of time ... so ... this is a major concern

1) trying to source a set of NBN compatible wifi modems to all work on the same frequency throughout the house!

2) How to get the units all working at the same wifi frequency.


Any advice/guidance from you experts is greatly appreciated as I'm not savy within this area!


Thanks heaps in advance for your input!



Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?

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Hi @emind1,


Fortunately with recent advances in the wifi area the solution will be quite straight forward for you I suspect. But a couple of questions are needed:


1) What NBN time and tech (FTTC?) will be installed. Check here 

2) Do you require a landline capability? 

3) Are you on Optus Cable or ADSL?

4) Do you know the model of the existing modem?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Which optus supplied modem is best?


No need for modems on every floor. You can get wi fi extenders or boosters or repeaters that use your house power cable system  to get the signal around the house and then boost it. Simply run cat cable to one of them that is connected to your power socket. Then put others in sockets where needed. Yeah. Coincidentally I was given some of these with my “free” modem. I gave them to a mate who put the second one in his back shed. Works perfectly. As little as $15 each on eBay 

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