When will Optus join OptiComm?


So I have been with Optus with over 15 years for internet. In that time we have gone from ADSL, ADSL 2+, Cable, NBN FTTP and now NBN FTTN (which come on is really only ADSL2). 


I have just moved into a new estate to find that the only service Optus offer is FTTN and dam the speeds are back to dial up. Its awful, you can barely stream anything so my Fetch TV is not really being used as well there isn't enough bandwidth for it. 


Not only is there massive speed issues, but the connection drops out on average 5 times a day! Clearly your lines are screwed but hey you delivered some form of NBN so I guess you dont care.


What I want to know if when will you offer your services to OptiComm customers? And if you wont, why not?


As NBN has ignored my estate the good guys at OptiComm have run fibre through the estate but have said you refuse to join them and make your plans available.


Now I dont want to leave as I love my plan and benefits, but your service at my address is atroscious and not usable. 


OptiComm update please!!!!!

Re: When will Optus join OptiComm?


I dont believe Optus have any intentions of connecting to Opticom, for the small amount of customers and expense, would not be worth it, to train all there staff, develop systems and deal with another wholesaler. I'm sure the migration to NBN is causing them enough issue, without having to deal with Opticom.

Re: When will Optus join OptiComm?


Yo optus any chance of  reply??

Re: When will Optus join OptiComm?


Hi @Wicks - OptiComm is a private contractor and they don't use Optus as a NBN provider. So sorry but we don't have any details of this. 

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