What is going on....!!!


Further to my other post re: NBN speed...I have been having a discussion on the Optus FB page   And was informed that my Case Manager was going to phone me with possibly getting me to get a speed pack to improve my NBN speeds.


WTF  I cannot get anywhere near the 50Mbps i am paying for why would i pay extra for a speed pack to improve my about improving my speed to what i am paying for.


I did another speed test today  and with all my devices removed from the modem and only 1 ethernet connected i get this: ping...13ms.....Download....20.3Mbps....Upload....1.2Mbps (just about a 20th% nof the 20mbps). With the ethernet disconnected and WiFi only   ping....14ms ....Download....20.4Mbps.....upload...1.4Mbps.


And still no one will tell/explain to me what the Impairment is. If its true and i can get a better NBN speed by getting a speed pack  I want an explanation as to why if i purchase a speed pack my speed will improve.


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Ordinarily it wouldn't make a difference. But it might shake something loose. It would be a free addition (at least to start with) just to see what happens. I would expect top speeds to stay where they are as the issue is likely elsewhere but who knows. If you do get a jump to 100 then you at least know the line is capable of that speed (putting it to 50 should be easy then).


But if you get a jump to say 50 on a 100 speed pack then that also tells them something. Ultimately the NBN should be looking at it but it soundslike you'll need to step through the Optus diagnostic hoops first


Peter Gillespie

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Thanks Peter your probably right...Oh Joy!! if i have to jump through the Optus Hoops to get to the bottom of this.

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Well it gets even better...Had a phone call from a case manager who said that they are going to drop my speed pack to 25/10 Mbps. Then about an hour later i get another call from someone at Optus  telling me they/he are going to Deadhead my connection (whatever that means) so i will get at least 40Mbps.


I'm Dammned if i know whats going on....I will give it a week and see what happens. I read an article in  some tech magazine which stated that due to the number of complaints NBNCo has received they are going to trial a FTTN to something called FTTC (again whatever that means) Apparentley they are doing this for those whose NBN connection is bad.



Re: What is going on....!!!


ADSL2 and FTTN and FTTC are all similar technologies. They essentially have a base station (node) that then uses the existing Telstra copper wire to make the rest of the way to your home. 


ADSL2 the node can be 5km away and speeds are 1 - 20 Mbps

FTTN the node can be around 750m away and speeds are 12 - 90 Mbps

FTTC the node is 50m away and speeds are 90 - 250 Mbps


FTTC is being rolled out now to many homes. Its hoped FTTN will be upgraded to FTTC one day but currently about 40% of the nation is on FTTN). You won't be being moved individually to FTTC either your area is FTTC or FTTN.


I gues you can only wait and see.

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