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New Contributor

What Sagemcom modem is better?

Can any one advise please, what is the best of the 2,  Sagemcom Modems the fast 5366 TN or the 3864vs HP.

I have one of each, and would very much appreciate comments on the two.

Currently I am using the 3864vs HP, and this works okay, but I can not put it in Bridge mode, which is some what disappointing.

Previously I was running a Netgear cg3000 on cable and it worked brilliantly and was easy to put into bridge mode.

Regards John vk3jd

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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: Sagecomm

I think the consensus is that the 5366 is the better one.

The 5366 does not have a bridge mode, the best you could do is disable NAT.

The 3864 does not have bridge mode but there are workaround instructions here  .

In both cases you would lose VoIP capability of the devices.

I assume you are of FTTN/FTTB, correct?


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