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Contributor joneda1

We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

Optus, the SagemCom modem saga has been going on for a long time. It is a locked down modem which probably works just fine for somebody who has a small home and one or two devices and I'm sure this keeps your support calls to a minimum.

However, not everybody who signs up for theNBN can afford to operate this way. Please tell us:


1. Why is not possible/permitted to bridge the SagemCom modem. The modem has a basic design at best and falls short in Wifi performance and a whole range of other configurability issues. For instance, parental control is very basic and certainly doesn't meet my needs - compare it to the flexibility of a current model ASUS, DLink or TP-Link modem or router and it's chalk and cheese. Those who don't know what bridging is are unlikely to get themselves in trouble by fiddling with the modem in the first place. For those who do and who need something better to run their network, why can't you simply let us bridge the modem. All you need to do for your technicians is instruct them how to ask if the modem is bridged and they can stop the support call there. Or better yet train them to handle issues in what is a realtively common scenario.


2. Why can't you keep the landline phone inputs working when the modem is bridged. If this is a genuine technical limitation of the modem then say so, don't just leave us hanging in the breeze wondering why Optus can't do something so simple.


3. Why is it so hard to publish the settings required to allow the NBN to work with other modems (FTTN in particular)? Why can't you allow access to the SIP and other settings required to make a phone work with other hardware? There are modems like the Fritzbox 7490 out there which have all the features of the SagemCom and more plus much better performance. Make it possible for people to set them up easily, it's only those with some reasonable knowledge who are likely to change from the SagemCom and nobody's asking you to support a modem other than your own (although it would be nice to at least cover the basic steps).


4. Are you ever going to change this situation? Many other RSP's put far less barriers in the way of their customers and it would appear that they understand that a budget SagemCom modem doesn't meet everybody's needs.


5. This is a community forum which I know is watched by Optus representatives. How about one of you actually demonstrate the customer service needed to pursue these questions with Optus technical teams?


Optus is the most complained about Telco in the country - this is one of the reasons why. So here's a chance to address some of that bad press in a meaningful way.

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RetiredModerator Guy

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

Hi @joneda1. Thanks for taking the time to voice your concerns.


We do not allow bridge mode for the Sagemcom F@st3864 modem due to the inbuilt Optus firmware.


This firmware allows us to deploy updates to software and other firmware which controls the VOIP element of the service. You will find that off the shelf devices do have more flexibility in regards to bridging and other advanced features as they do not require the combined firmware that we do for the above reasons.


We do not publish SIP settings for account and security reasons and to ensure quality of service and accurate billing.


We have customers with great WiFi coverage using the Sagemcom device, and if customers experience range or speed issues, these can often be resolved by changing the WiFi channel that the device operates through. Ultimately, due to the nature of WiFi and the numerous factors which can affect it, WiFi coverage and speed is a best effort service and not something that we can guarantee.


We are always reviewing the equipment that we provide for our broadband services, and we will let our customers know if an when any other devices become available. 


We'll be certain to pass your feedback on to our product team for any future evaluation of the services.

Contributor joneda1

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

So are you saying that effectively you do not allow a phone to be connected to an Optus service by any means other than your supplied SagemCom modem? What do I do if I require VOIP phones on my network rather than plugging an analog phone into the SagemCom?

You might have some customers with great WiFi coverage using the SagemCom - I would suggest that they aren't exactly demanding users and probably don't live in a house which is 36m long. The wireless performance of the SagemCom is well below that of many other products on the market:

- It is not 802.11AC so speed is limited out of the box.

- It doesn't compare well to many other devices when using a WiFi analyser to test signal.

- Limited filtering and guest network options.

If WiFi is a best effort service and you can't guarantee it then explain to me how you are justified in making it so difficult for people to make their own best effort to get something better.

I think it's difficult to sing the praises of this equipment with a straight face. Sure it works but:

- WiFi is OK at best.

- Port forwarding seems to be riddled with bugs from many reports

- Parental controls are limited (try an ASUS DSL-ACxxU or a late model DLink or TP-Link for comparison)

- The web interface looks like it was done by a first time programmer


Finally, does Optus have any issue with using another VDSL modem on FTTN connections? Obviously you're not going to provide technical support or phone service but are other modems also locked out? And if they can be used then can the SagemCom be placed on the internal network to provide phone service and still be accessible for TR069 updates?



RetiredModerator Nghi

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

Hey joneda1, we don't restrict your choice of modem on FTTN NBN and you can use any VDSL modem to connect. However we won't be able to provide any support for third-party hardware. If you're connection goes down or any troubleshooting needs to be performed then we'd ask for our Sagemcom modem to be connected. The only caveat is that your Optus supplied phone service may not work even if connected to the other modem/router.


You can also attach your own WiFi access point off our Sagemcom and disable wireless networking on our modem. Though you may have an issue with double NAT in this case if the access point is also doing DHCP.


If you had your own VoIP number with a different provider then you're welcome to use it and it's treated as another application requesting internet packets. You'll either need to connect up your VoIP phones via Ethernet or have your own ATA attached or use a software dialer on your PC.

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Contributor joneda1

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

I've sat my router behind the SagemCom, connected via the ASUS router WAN port, and had some success getting things to talk. I allocated the ASUS router to the SagemCom DMZ to skip any SagemCom port forwarding settings, did all DHCP and device connections on the ASUS and just a fixed IP connection from WAN to LAN but the connection dropped out frequently, like for a few seconds every 10-30 seconds, and then reconnected. It may be a cable issue because they connect over Gigabit ports and there about 50m of cable and a few RJ45's in between. I haven't had time to re-examine this yet but when I just connectthe ASUS router as an Access Point (so LAN port to SagemCom LAN port, all DHCP on the SagemCom) the connection seems stable.

Is there some re-negotiation between WAN and LAN that might be causing these dropouts where they are just seen as lost packets on the LAN-LAN connection? I don't think double NAT is the problem as Icould get to web sites OK apart from these dropouts.


If I turn this around and use the ASUS as my modem (it is actually a VDSL modem/router) what I really want to know is whether the SagemCom can play nicely behind the ASUS and provide telephone function without having to put the ASUS in bridge mode (which stops me getting parental controls and other stuff which I bought it for in the first place).

RetiredModerator Nghi

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

Using a third-party router and connecting our Sagemcom down the line hasn't been tested and I can't say if it will work. Though you've got all the hardware there to try it out. You've got nothing to lose. 

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

Another typical useless answer from Optus.

Basically the Optus supplied modem is junk and the reason why it is set up the way that it is - is so that Optus can control it and have fewer problems. I commend them for doing that and making THEIR life easier and for MOST of their customers this is an excellent solution.

HOWEVER Optus does have OTHER customers who are more sophisticated and have more demanding requirements and these users SHOULD be able to use their own modem and still use Optus VOIP with their own modem. There is absolutely NO technical reason why this won't or can't work. Now if the user connects their own modem Optus COULD say that they can't and won't support that modem and if the customer is having a problem they need to connect the original Optus modem back up and see if that fixes their problem. If it does then the problem is theirs and not one for Optus to deal with and if it doesn't fix the problem then Optus is required to provide support and fix it.


I don't have a problem with that approach - it's just not one that Optus allows you to persue.


Optus, please change your slogan from YES to MAYBE or NO or SOMETIMES or OCCASIONALLY because YES is a downright lie.

Occasional Contributor Fatso
Occasional Contributor

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

I totally agree that in this day and age 16 device is simply nowhere near enough! 

In our home (2 adults and 2 children) we have the following devices which we would like to connect to our new FTTN router:

5x laptops
3x tablets
4x phones
3x printers
1x nintendo dsi
1x leappad platinum
1x Nintendo Wii
1x FETCH TV box

so far that is a total of 19 devices, and that's WITHOUT any visitors who may want to connect to our wifi.............

This issue needs a PRIORITY FIX as it was provided as a part of our 2 year contracted NBN service! 

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

I would also like to voice my displeasure regarding the hopeless FTTN Sagemcon supplied by Optus, as I too, want to use a different, and far superior, router than the junk supplied, whilst still being able to keep my home phone number.


I totally agree with everything other people have said in this post.


Reading many posts & forums about this equipment really makes me wonder if Optus has any understanding as to why so many CUSTOMERS rubbish this piece of junk, and Optus, for continually ignoring complaints about it.


WAKE UP, Optus!!!!

Try listening to YOUR customers, and address their complaints.


If other isps' allow byo modem, what makes it so difficult for Optus to allow this as well?


Will not/cannot publish sip information for security etc. concerns - what a load of rubbish!

You seem to have no security concerns when you posted, and now e mail, my bill to me!

If a person requests this information, by e mail, how is a reply to the same sender a security issue.

Add another level of authentication, if necessary.

Lots of other organisations do it, so it obviously is not that hard to do.

OR, is it TOO HARD for Optus!!


For anyone who knows, or needs, more than a very basic service, then Optus should be the last one on their list, and If I had known about ALL the problems regarding this, maybe I should have chosen another NBN provider.

I was happy with your phone/mobile and adsl service, so I stayed.

But, I did not expect so many problems with you as my FTTN NBN provider.



Occasional Contributor smudgicus
Occasional Contributor

Re: We can adjust SagemCom F@st3864 settings - stop treating us like children

I'm not a softphone user, and I haven't touched these settings, but their does seem to be alot of information in these second tier pages of the SagemCom GUI. Screen shot of basic setting for voice.SIP Basic.jpg

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