Voicemail NBN phone


Can I turn off voicemail? 

or do I wait on hold / chat to have someone turn off ? 


Re: Voicemail NBN phone


Was on hold / chat for 20mins , 

requested my voicemail service be turned off.

told it would happen within 4 hours?? 

Been 8 hours plus .. voicemail still on.

been waiting on chat for 15mins .. again.. 

What’s going on with Optus chat .. ?? The wait is long doesn’t matter what time of the day / morning. 

Re: Voicemail NBN phone


They do appear to be busy with customers in queue at this present moment.

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details and the team will be happy to help out.

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