VPN Connection thru Optus NBN


Hello all,

i have a VPN program and i thought i was successfully connecting thru another country but the vpn provider has suggested to me that Optus blocks vpn usage. is this true?

is there a way i can use mp vpn program via my Optus nbn account / Sagencom modem?

thanks in advance

Re: VPN Connection thru Optus NBN

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Optus doesn't block them, but there could be random reasons why it doesn't work. Try another one.


Could be that grubby sagemcom thing, if you are entering it into that. You can buy your own VDSL2+ modem, if you are not fussed about the telephone line maybe not working. People have migrated modems from iinet and they have worked.


Re: VPN Connection thru Optus NBN


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