User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


New accounts are entitled to up to 14 secondary emails on their account. My Account will only allow set up of up to 4, the extra used to be managed under My Internet Account in:

When you go to the link you see it listed as #1 on the menu. As soon as you login though, the My Internet Account option disappears, so we can no longer access user management of passwords and additional email addresses. Any idea how to resolve this other than going through Chat - they simply have no idea regrettably. (So a family may have, dora-brown@..., john-brown@... granny-brown@... up to 14 addresses on newer accounts. It's the whole reason I went ahead and changed my provider... Smiley Sad



Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone

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FWIW forget tying yourself to an Optus email. If you ever leave then all those emails are gone. 


Set up a bunch of free gmail accounts and access them anywhere. You can link various gmail accounts easily so you can monitor/access any or all.


are all available. And you can have up to 1000 email addresses if you want.


It also sounds like gmails 'family' calander might be very useful. All acounts linked to a 'family' can just post items to a central calender.




Peter Gillespie

Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


Thanks Peter for offering an alternative. It still doesn't answer the question.


I'm aware of gmail and outlook, and these are not what I am looking for. I want Optus to provide what they offered and what was till recently available. I used 'family' as an example.


I could just as easily spend $36 a year for a website hosting that provides me unlimited emails and a console panel to manage them from with a host of other perks including mail forwarding - not available within Optus. Naturally I would not dream of doing that through Optus, or any other telco for that matter.


Cheers, Andre

Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


A euphamism.


Point taken Smiley Happy


I agree the original question stands. Where are the other 10 emails?




Peter Gillespie

Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


Hi @andus58, you'll need to log into My Account to access those 14 secondary username slots, rather than the My Internet Account page on the Member Services website. Detailed instructions are available here.

Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


No Hannah, you cannot as per my first paragraph in my original posting.

My Account only allows the default unchangeable email + 4 more, the allowance for older accounts.

To access the others, you HAVE to go to USER MANAGEMENT under My Internet which brings up a console, but this no longer appears. I have had a walk through with an Optus expert who knew what they were doing, and have done this in the past. I can no longer do this as when I click on My Internet, and login using the default unchangeable email, I am now told this email address is not yet set up. It used to be. For My Intenet.


Hannah, have you tried, perchance, setting up email addresses beyond the 4 (four) in My Account?


My question remains, unanswered.


Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


Hi Peter,


You used to have to sign in though Member Services, by clicking the My Internet option. This would bring up a sign on, and you had to enter the DEFAULT email you were given when joining up to the Entertainment Plan, which would have come with your modem. This email cannot be changed and is useless to use as it is totally irrelevant to you as the user. It might be something like fetchxxxx@.... or anything else. If you are lucky you may have received a more relevant one.


The catch is that Optus supposedly have been doing upgrades to their interface, and when you login using this - as indeed I used to - now it says this email is not set up... but this email is the first one that appears in My Account.


Why do I bother? It was part of my sign up, it's now gone. And I want a refund even if I go through the Ombudsman, as many account holders have recently been todl they are entitled to a refund for serviced not provided on their mobiles.

Smiley Happy

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I am having the same problem.  No matter what the help says, there is no option to add a new email account, there is an option to change the password, if you can find the email address. I had to get chat to create a secondary email, which they did and sent me a password which had to be changed in the "my services>internet>change password" however, when I go there the new email account does not appear (I only have a primary email account), so therefore I cannot change the password.  I have tried logging in using the new email account and I receive a message saying the new email account has not be validated yet.  or something like that.


I have tried chat again, which they had no luck, I don't think they knew what to do.  I then tried ringing customer service and after waiting 20 minutes, I spoke with a young woman who could not do anything except send me a new temporary password (which I have had 3 or 4 already), she then said she would elevate it to higher techos and I would receive a call within two hours which I did not.  I then tried again today to call customer service and waited 25 minutes and still didn't talk to a human.  I got fed up and hung up.  

The problem is still not resolved.  Does anyone know how to get the secondary email account linked to the customer account??


Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


Hey @baleineblanche, have you registered the service for our current self-serve platform → Adding/changing secondary Optusnet email addresses and password is a feature that's built into this platform. We’re in the process of phasing out Members services. We have a handy guide which you can access via →


If you run into any issues, give us a shout and we'll be more than happy to lend a hand.


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Please be mindful that moderator responses may be delayed until the upgrade is complete. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.

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Re: User Management Secondary Email Addresses Gone


I am sorry but there is nowhere to click to add another email account.  Please send me a screenshot.

I have read through the details of the link that you sent me and there is absolutely no way to add another email account.


Beth Phillips

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