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The internet has been absolutely useless for months, progressively getting worse. The speeds drop so slow anything disconnects. I am a gamer and can not play any online video games at all. It constantly disconnects. Ever since the case management team attempted to fix it, it has been even worse. The internet disconnects so often and for so long, that my mobile phone bill has incurred 40 dollars extra worth of data charges last month. I’m really not happy with this service, as for the fetch tv, when it works it has good. But half the recordings I have scheduled cancel because the internet drops out and when I’m watching something it stops and won’t reconnect for ten minutes or longer. It has been extremely frustrating and a complete waste of money. I have talked to case management team many times, to the nbn team a couple of times, and I’m just wasting a lot of money and time on something that is even worse since they attempted to fix it.

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First up always mention what nbn technology you are on. I assume FTTN?


Sounds like you are in a bit of an NBN hole. Unfortunately download speed is the main metric used so dropouts is tougher to get proper action on. 


The NBN has minimum obligations for service. What speeds are you getting? Optus is also obligated to provide the service and can't just blame the NBN. You should be getting monthly refunds on your bill until it is sorted.


Sounds like you are talking to the proper parties at a higher level. So they acknowledge the issue? The only suggestions I can make is either keep pressing or cancel the plan and get another isp.


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Peter Gillespie

Re: Useless internet connection


Yes it’s FTTN.


The internet was previously more stable, just the last few months it has become near unusable at least 50% of the time. I have been going through the “proper channels” to try and get it rectified, and so far all that has been done is making the connection worse, and forcing me to use the hopeless Optus supplied modem/router rather than my TP-Link Archer.


This has been an ongoing issue that the only correspondence seems to be is the case management team calling me twice a week, doing a line test, then apparently altering settings to make it more stable (which clearly hasn’t helped as it’s worse now than ever).


at this point, I’m stuck here paying for internet I can’t use, for fetch tv that I can’t use, and getting more and more money added to my mobile phone bill because the internet is never working and my phone is switching to 4g.


Im not exactly computer illiterate, im just annoyed that nobody seems to do anything to fix it, only make it worse.


I understand that it’s probably a line issue, and the nbn team should be working on it, but spending months waiting, and hundreds of dollars doing so, is getting rather frustrating.


Also, trying to connect to Optus on any level is ridiculous, the mobile app only works when it wants to, my mobile and internet accounts aren’t linked, even though they use the same sign in, due to different systems they run on. The complaint form is buggy and says you are adding illegal characters even when writing plainly and not doing anything, and then we have... calling Optus, to just wait for 45 minutes for someone to tell you, turn it off and on again. This crap is really getting worse and worse as time goes on, and they continue to talk to me like I’m an idiot, which I’m more than annoyed at. I’m tired of being on the phone for an hour each time, for them to do nothing but make things worse if anything.

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I switched to Optus Nbn less than a week ago (FTTN) and have already experienced every problem you have listed as well. I wonder whether Telstra customers have the same issues with useless connestion and pathetic customer service.

Re: Useless internet connection


As already mentioned, they will only do something if the connection is completely lost, instead of trying to find the cable fault they try to do line shaping and filtering to keep you quite (usually kills any speed you may have had). It's not just Optus, NBN will fob you off as well until hell freezes over, FTTN with old phone line connections to the home are to much trouble to fix. The clever country and the constant TV ads for fast NBN - what a joke.


After 3 years, my connection speed suddenly halved and now drops out, but as it's not completely down and the speed is above the bare minimum limits, so NOTHING will be done, so long as our connections are running at the low end of the old dial-up modem speeds were classed as good to go and should not complain about the high speed NBN we are so lucky to have. 


Rant over.

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