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Use 4G USB dongle as automatic backup to Optus (FTTN) NBN?



Our two resturants in far North Queensland run POS systems that need to be connected all the time, plus play Spotify music on our Sonos Speaker systems for the guest dinning rooms. So we need reliable NBN.  We were happy when our ADSL services were upgrade to a FTTB service.


Then our troubles started.  


With ADSL we got perhaps just 3Mbps on our worst days.  


Now with NBN we get 29Mbps at times, but rarely.


Most often (as says) it's barely 1Mbps.  


Music stops (that's just 320Kbps streaming!)  And our POS systems freeze.  Surprise, surprise, the speed test link provided by Optus Tech Support always shows super high speeds -  of course! 


We cannot go on like this....  :-( 


So we're looking to getting a 4G dongle to fit into the back our our Optus routers' USB port, and autoswitch to 4G when the DSL port is down.


But I'm not getting any answers whether this is possible.


However I do know it IS possible (someone did receive a 4G dongle from their Optus tech when they moved offices it until their ("delayed") Optus NBN got connected; same router before and after - our routers are identical too).


And there are Routers that accept a SIM card internally too. But would I get the login ID, PW, VoIP etc settings to make it work with Optus' NBN?  I suspect not (there is a thread elsewhere in this forum re SIP settings that "can't" be released to end users.)


Is there any chance of getting a solution from Optus soon? 


Perhaps it time to switch to Vodafone (they "will include 4G Backup for free with every NBN connection" they provide - the problem I have with the NBN must be a fairly common issue)? 


A response from a senior tech engineer with Optus with skin in the game understanding how badly our businesses are being affected by our NBN issues will be most appreciated.  Just a response like "Testing is in final stages and 4G will be available to those who require it for an extra $X a month from October 1st" will be marvelous.  


Thanks in advance!




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Re: Use 4G USB dongle as automatic backup to Optus (FTTN) NBN?

Hey @skris88, I believe the internet assistance kits you are referring to are these ones? Typically they are only provided in the case of a mass service disruption and to be used independently, they can't be used to work with your NBN set up. It would be a case of switching your connections to the mobile broadband device which I don't believe would be suitable for your business.


Really you would need to speak with Tech Support to identify the exact issue with your line. If no ETR can be provided, they will review your options moving forward. 

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Re: Use 4G USB dongle as automatic backup to Optus (FTTN) NBN?

Thanks, but No. It was not that Internet Assistance Kit service.


What I'm talking about was was just a standard Optus USB modem that plugged into the rear USB socket of the Optus NBN router. 

When the NBN was then repaired/working, the USB modem was simply unplugged, the router powered Off and then On, and NBN worked.  


We're still collecting data on the NBN service. Once we have 8 weeks or so of info we will raise the issue again (it's currently showing download speeds of less than 60% on average than what we are paying for). 


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