Usage meter going wildly up and down AGAIN!


The internet (NBN) usage meter is going up by much more than I have actually used and then goes down! This happened to me around December 2015/Jan 2016 (search yescrowd for UsageMetreOdd). On Oct 6, the meter increased by about 1.5GB more than I know I used. On Oct 7, the meter dropped about 800MB when the day ticked over to Oct 8 (at the midnight update), and then around noon on Oct 8 went back up by 1GB (no way I used that much).


Last time this happened, I called the Optus technician and he said they would investigate. It was never fixed - I simply waited for the end of my billing cycle and it worked properly again. The problem now is I am at the start of my cycle and I don't want to frequently check whether a massive jump puts me over my limit.


A search of yescrowd shows that meter inaccuracies have occurred to others.


I think I will need to complain to the Telecom Industry Ombudsman. If the meter is unreliable, then Optus is not providing the correct amount of data and this is a breach of contract.


Re: Usage meter going wildly up and down AGAIN!




That sounds really strange, the only reason a usage meter for NBN should change would be at the end of the bill period. More than happy to have a look at your daily usage breakdowns if you can PM me through your full name, DOB and the Optus Account number or Internet username.

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