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I have an NBN connection.  I am supposed to get up to 100 mbps speed.  I had very slow wifi download speed (less than 30). I contacted Optus and they tested the NBN modem which was close to 90 mbps for download but the wifi was no where close to that.  So they decided to change the router. This arrived  after10 days and I replaced but now things have gone bad to worse.  My DL speed is 3 mbps and  IL 30 mbps.  I tried to change the channel for 2.4 ghz but to no avail. Just don't know what to do because it is the same result eac time.  I have actually become worse off.  Isn't there anything that can be done to help me? 

Re: Upload Speed Greater than Download Speed - NBN


Hey there @Ashard


There's always going to be a noticeable difference between the speeds that are achievable over a WiFi connection, versus

that of a hard-wired connection from a laptop/PC to the modem.


Obviously a 3Mbps download speed is way of what we'd expect. Did they run any other checks i.e. Network capacity, confirmed that the speed pack was correctly provisioned, checked for maximum attainable speed (which can differ depending on the technology type)? 


They should have given you the Sagemcom F@st 3864v3ac dual band router. That should have two available networks to connect to -  2.4GHz & 5GHz.


On the back of the modem, you'll see two separate SSID's (WiFi Network name) with two unique passphrases." Can you double check if that's the case? 



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Re: Upload Speed Greater than Download Speed - NBN


Thanks. You are right I have the right router with  SSIDs.  I have been advised not to use 5Ghz though.  But still lost wgy am I not getting the speed I need. 

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