Unusable Internet during Peak times


I'm in Rouse Hill NSW.  Paying for 100/40, getting 6/25 instead during peak hours.  During the day I sit around 40-50Mbps, which is still not what I pay for but I have Malcolm to thank for that, so that's not the issue.


Seems Optus is just saturated at night. Only been with them a few months, and my ADSL2 I left behind was a better service.  Seems all we can do is ring and complain, building a log so we then have evidence to complain to the ACCC or Communications Ombudsman.


What I take offence to is paying 100% for a service that is delivering 5% of the promised data speed.  The support dude said they are working on the issue...of course they are....sigh.  Seems like we should be paying 5% of the bill while they continue to deliver 5% of the service, until they can deliver what the contract between parties states.


The same speed test on my Optus mobile produces 50/6Mbs, so their network can handle the speed, but the NBN part is being throttled at night.  It's not even fast enough at night to stream video.  NBN, the future of Australia, yet even a 360p video stutters like Steady Eddy.


What I'd like to know is if I have only 10Gb on my fast Optus phone, but unlimited on my crappy NBN, should we be given the oppurtunity to use our mobile data freely during the peak times while this problem occurs.  At the moment they are offering no credit for the problems, or no solution, yet still accepting full payment.  In many areas of business this would be considered highway robbery.

Re: Unusable Internet during Peak times


The Liberal government has nothing to do with Optus' fibre backhauls or interconnects. Infact, the FTTP service you have is what ALP proposed. 


The NBN backhaul uses different fibre backhauls to the mobile backhaul, so your comparison pales to compare. Soz. 


Are you able to post some results from


Loyal Optus customer. My opinions are my own.

Re: Unusable Internet during Peak times


Not sure why you assumed I had FTTP...I wish.  I'm stuck with FTTN and copper to my house for the next 10-20 yrs like most other saps in an already established suburb.


Here's my speedtest once my service was reinstated this afternoon.  This is on 100/40.


And this is the test as of right now.  Flooded again at night like every other night.


Re: Unusable Internet during Peak times


Hey @Slyddar, I've responded to your PM.

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