Unreliable Internet service


For the last 30 days I have been receiving a very unreliable Broadband (NBN) service from Optus who have done nothing to help me fix my problem.

The internet ranges from no broadband at all to speeds from 2.20mbps(at the moment) to 18 averaging around 8-9.

I have constantly logged my complaint with the Ombudsman, got help from my Federal MP but Optus wont fix it.

What is the next step to take? hopefully, apart from legal action.


Re: Unreliable Internet service


sounds like there are congestion in your area. This could happend if optus haven't purchased enough quota for your node. 


My connection via HFC was unstable at first, however, after a few resets (5 times) of the modem resolved the issue. 


In terms of troubleshooting. Have you elmimate all local factors? eg number of user at the time, neighbour's wifi etc. Maybe do a hard reset of your modem a few times, connect via a wire and do a few speed test at different time of the day to see if you can get a stable connection .


The next is be persistance with optus, maybe there is an NBN fault with your connection. I found doing online chat with technical support usually quicker and better result.

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Re: Unreliable Internet service

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Hey @mark8, thanks for reaching out.


It's disappointing to hear that you've been having issues with the service. We do need to delve a little deep to determine where the issue stems from. As @SillyGogo has advised, it does sound like a network capacity issue. Which type of NBN access technology had been rolled out in your area i.e. FTTP FTTN, FTTB, HFC-NBN or Fixed wireless? We also offer several speed tiers, were you aware of which one we'd organised for you? Do speeds differ depending on the time of day or night? Are you connecting to the modem via Wi-Fi or a hard-wired Ethernet connection? How many devices are generally used at the same time in your home?


Unfortunately, I don't think the member for your local electorate is going to have much pull. Once we have more info, we can definitely run through some options with you.


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