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New Contributor btoohey
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Unlock Optus Sagecom F@st 3864AC



I’m just wondering if anyone knows if the Optus-provided NBN routers can be used with different ISP’s?

And if so, how this is done?

Currently getting no internet connection trying to use it with the Mate Communicate service that my new house currently has. 



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Re: Unlock Optus Sagecom F@st 3864AC

Yes and No, if your current ISP uses IPoE as there Authentication method, you can use it with them. You cant change the VOIP details from Optus, but as a IPoE Modem, or Bridge modem it works on other ISP's. You may have issues using PPPoE where you need to input a username/password with another provider though, not sure what Mate uses.

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