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Unhappy about NBN internet service

I used NBN internet with 2 year contract but 3month ago my house internet didn’t work. I came to optus store then they asking me to call to nbn service, i called a hundred time no one answered the phone, after that they picked up the phone and asking for question, then i said my internet didn’t work and she said ok she will call back me on 30mins then not thing happens. I was tired with nbn service, I paid 3 months with out internet then i called to cancel internet. Then i got payment for that month and cancel EARLY Fee is $187.50. That’s my fault??? If I don’t stop using nbn, i still pay with out internet for future too? I’m really really upset about NBN. I will not trust them any more and never use optus or NBN sytem. 


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Re: Unhappy about NBN internet service

HI @ReezeNguyen ,


You have more options / power here. First up the NBN doesn't deal with us (people). They sell a product to the Telcos like Optus and Telstra etc. So your first (and only) port of call is to your RSP (Optus) . Optus will deal with the NBN for you.


You should get all the money you've paid back eventually. You've cancelled a contract which has automatically triggered an Early Exit Fee ($187). At this point resolving the issue (no internet) is probably too hard. But perhaps submit a complaint to the TIO and request a refund of the money paid.


Peter Gillespie

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