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Unable to access Optus Webmail (19/08/20)

I was unable to access my Optus webmail both via a browser and through my outlook connection.
The error was stating that the login or password was incorrect. It definitely was correct and I only updated recently.
When I first called support they suggested that it is probably linked to the mobile maintenance being undertaken in the area.
A few hours later I messaged support and got them to assist me in resetting my password. I now have access.
I am just worried that someone may have got into my account. Optus dong believe this should be able to happen.
I notice there was a similar issue occurring last month and it was due to an Optus technical issue.
Just wondering whether anyone else experience this issue yesterday?
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Re: Unable to access Optus Webmail (19/08/20)


There have been others here with problems logging in to the webmail fairly recently. They also had to have their password reset if I recall correctly.

It is more likely due to an Optus glitch than a hacker.

Anyway now that you have a new password, hopefully a solid one, you should be fine.

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