Traceroutes - Ping - Ping test issues on FTTP


Hi everyone,


Been having a issue lately where my ping whould go up in online gaming (some nights into the 100s)


Decided to troubleshoot and do some basic tracerts to and after learning about them.


I have done 3, one in peak hour, one at 5pm, and one at 7am. And requests 3,4,5 time out.


Also when doing pingtests my ping will sometimes be 100.


I called up support and they said my line has been tested and its all fine, and its just congestion issues.


I want to know if its normal for these requests to time out and things like that?


I do a lot of online gaming, and watching Twitch tv online.


I sync at 90mbps (before congestion starts on a wired connection). on wireless i cant wait 720p on twitch tv, but at the gym on their 25/5 plan (not sure of the provider) i can watch it fine.


Just want some help before i leave Optus and move to Skymesh


Re: Traceroutes - Ping - Ping test issues on FTTP


Hi @Urimagination2,


The general scripted response Optus usually dishes out is that there are too many external factors which affect speed (because the internal factors are perfect of course). Then they gift wrap it all as "congestion".


So your on the NBN, then read this: NBN Congestion. According to the NBNCo "congestion may occur if your service provider does not have enough network capacity. This can lead to slower speeds and ‘buffering’. " (if you Google NBN and CVC, you'll get a much more technical explanation about why this is a service provider issue and not an NBNCo issue).


Independent on whether you are on the NBN or not, "Congestion Issues"  are a clever way for Optus to tell you that, it's everyone elses fault for using the internet at the same time and dodge the fact that their network cannot handle the demands of their customers. So, shame on you for using your internet and causing congestion!


Imagine we all turned on our lights at the same time only to find that they don't work because the energy companies don't have enough energy capacity to service all of their customers in the evening? and imagine they told you that it was your problem due to network congestion and that there was nothing they could do to fix it...


As for performing Traceroutes, just a word of advice, each hop (router) on a traceroute journey does not have to reply - so timeouts at certain hops are meaningless. Generally traceroute uses a network protocol known as ICMP, routers at each hop can be configured to ignore ICMP requests but continue to allow other traffic through. So unless you know how that particular hop (router) has been configured, then don't worry too much about the timeout as long as your packet gets to the destination. Traceroutes are generally used to see the path of a packet (how many routers it needs to pass through in order to reach the destination). Due to some hops timing out, using a traceroute to check speed is not ideal.


As for the ping latency - that's pretty poor. To satisfy relevance (I'm going to suggest the dreaded "have you turned it off and on again" line.). Also, to avoid other factors try to perform the tests with the least possible amount of connections to your NBN NTD. In other words please make sure you have performed these tests with no external factors influencing your outcome. Try to do these tests from a fixed line connection to your router or NTD and if applicable turn off or disconnect all other devices to eliminate the possibility that external factors are causing your speed issues (I know it's unlikey but for the sake of sanity, please try it).


Anyway if it comes down to poor CVC bandwidth on Optus' part then there's nothing else you can do, and judging by the response from many in this place, there's nothing much Optus is doing about it either.


Re: Traceroutes - Ping - Ping test issues on FTTP




Perfect response.     



I will add though for the OP .. your network connection is like a water pipe.  It can only transport its contents upto its capacity.    NBN CVC is the point where NBN apply bandwidth to the ISPs NBN network.   The problem is Optus do not purchase enough bandwith at the cvc for its customers and as such at peak times all optus customers trying to use the internet slow down as CVC is maxed at its capacity, just like that hose analagy i spoke about earlier.  it is like you trying to have a shower though a straw .. you have the water capacity but it cant get through the straw fast enough.


this is an optus issue and law does not compel them to fix it

Re: Traceroutes - Ping - Ping test issues on FTTP


Hey there,


Thank you both for the detailed responses.


I was also on Whirlpool which is another forum, and somebody over there explained that sometimes certain routers or websitres would do a hop to each destination, etc. An that while it says time out, if the final desintation is met, and the pings are low that there isnt an issue.


But i do understand the congestion issue, which is annoying when i do a lot of online gaming.



Re: Traceroutes - Ping - Ping test issues on FTTP


No prob @Urimagination2


Hopefully, some of the previously mentioned test might also be able to assist you.


All the best!


Re: Traceroutes - Ping - Ping test issues on FTTP




Will keep a list of the stuff to do, and keep track of all these nights where there is congestion.


going to pay for a month with skymesh on port 2 and plug it directly into my PC. An if I have nights where there is congestion, I can do some side by side tests with two different providers.


thank goodness I'm on month to month and can change if it gets bad enough 

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